With our review widget visitors can read & write reviews of anything, instantly... directly from your site! Use it to get instant feedback on your site or blog by adding it to the sidebar, or let visitors review anything you write about by adding it to an article or post. Check out our Launch Partners below to see all the cool ways the RateItAll review widget is being used!

how to get one:

1 Search for your item.
We have just about everything, including tons of websites, people, places & products. If you can’t find it, add it!

2 Click the button.
Find it in the upper right-hand corner of any item’s page.

3 Customize the color & size.
Supports any size over 170px! Fully customizable CSS for advanced users, or simply pick from 8 default colors:

4 Grab your embed code!
Copy the embed code and paste it anywhere!

example widget:

We have over 100 launch partners. Check them out!
Add an item badge on your site and link visitors directly to your page on RateItAll. Fans will be able to leave feedback instantly!

how to get one:

1 Search for your item & claim it.
Once you’ve found or added your item, claim it by clicking the green “this is my business” tab.

2 Click the sidebar link.
The item owner sidebar will contain a link displaying a badge that looks like the ones on the right.

3 Grab your badge!
Copy the embed code and paste it anywhere!

tons of colors: