1. What are RateItAll lists?

RateItAll lists are collections of similar items that are created by RateItAll registered users.  Examples include Music from 1990s, Best Hot Sauce, and Best Mexican Beer.


2. What kinds of things can be in a RateItAll List?

A list can cover virtually anything under the sun, as long as it follows the Guidelines. Maybe you want to find out what other people think about some of your favorite books. Maybe you need quick feedback about potential solutions to a problem at work. Or maybe you're planning a trip to Mexico and want the RateItAll communitys tips on what to see there. The beauty of a WebList is that there are no limits.


3. How do I create a RateItAll List?

Once you have registered, go to your home page. In the right column, you will see a yellow link that says Create a List.


4. How do I upload images, write descriptions, and add links?

The RateItAll List Builder tool will walk you through the process of adding images and descriptions to your list.


5. How do I manage and delete my RateItAll lists?

To manage your existing RateItAll Lists, simply go to the list page and click the appropriate "edit" tabs. 

Our general rule of thumb regarding deletion of lists is that we don't allow the deletion of other people's content.  If you feel that a list really should be deleted, please send us a feedback message via the links in the footer.


6. How will people find out about my RateItAll List?

All lists are findable via the RateItAll search engine, and via our directory structure.  Lists with lots of content (descriptions, reviews, etc.) will also likely be indexed by Google.

Carefully "tagging" your RateItAll Lists with relevant keywords will also help others find them.  List tags are one word keywords that capture the theme of a list.

The best way to alert others of your list is to start posting reviews to it, and to use the sharing tools that allow you to publish your list to services like Facebook and Twitter.


7. Can I make a private RateItAll list?

No.  We are not currently supporting this feature.


8. Will RateItAll edit my list?

No.  However, in certain situations, RateItAll reserves the right to delete entire lists. Reasons for the deletion of lists may include highly offensive content, incomplete or nonsensical listings, long periods of inactivity, or exact duplication of a list that already exists elsewhere on RateItAll.  To avoid list deletion, please make sure to follow the RateItAll List Guidelines.


9. How do I approve/reject new item suggestions to my RateItAll list?                                                                                                            

To approve new items to your list, leave the Approve field checked, go to your home page and click on the item suggestions link in the upper right hand side.


10.  What are Tags?

Tags are one word keywords used to describe a list.  Carefully selected tags can help others find your list, and allow RateItAll to make correlations between related lists, providing your list with more exposure.

List Tags should be entered one per line in the input field, and should not be separated by commas.

For example, a list titled "Best Superbowl Commercials of All Time" might be assigned list tags of:






There are no wrong tags, but please use common sense in assigning list Tags that most accurately capture the themes of your Weblist.


11.  How do I use RateItAll to make MySpace Polls?

You can use RateItAll's list tool to make MySpace Polls.  Just click through and follow the instructions.

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