What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is a technology that allows Web sites to feed their updated content to other Web sites.

The classic example of RSS is for news feeds – most of the time that you see a Web site displaying News headlines along with a short blurb of the story, you are seeing RSS in action.

More recently, programs known as RSS aggregators have become more available, allowing just about anybody, even non-programmers, to create a custom page made up of content that is “fed” from other Web sites.

A couple of examples of this type of service is MyYahoo, Bloglines, and Feedster. Each of these services allows you to customize a page or pages of content that you personally select from around the Web, using RSS technology.

What is RateItAll doing with RSS?

Because members of the RateItAll community generate all kinds of interesting opinions, reviews, and other content, we thought it would be neat to let those members feed this content to their own personal Web sites or Blogs.

We currently are offering RSS feeds for three sections of the site:

Recent Comments Page (i.e. The RateItAll Buzz Feed)
Any Ratings list page, including Weblists
Any User Comment Summary page

How do I use the RSS feeds on RateItAll?

To feed RateItAll content using RSS, just look for these icons:


Clicking the RSS icon takes you to the special version of the page that you will need to do an RSS feed. Use the URL of that page to add that page’s content to your RSS Aggregator.

For most RSS Aggregators, all you need to do is to copy and paste the URL of the RateItAll RSS page.

Clicking the MyYahoo Icon on a given page immediately adds that page’s content to your MyYahoo page.

It’s easy.

Here are some examples of the kinds of pages that you can feed to your blog or personal Web page using RSS:

Recent Comments Page (RateItAll Buzz Feed)  
San Francisco Taquerias  
North American Cities  
Kinds of Beer  
U.S. Presidents  
RateItAll Member Irishgit's Comments  

Of course, these are just six of the tens of thousands of RSS feeds available on RateItAll. To browse our ratings lists, please visit the RateItAll Home Page.

RateItAll RSS feeds are intended for the personal use of RateItAll members. Any commercial use of these feeds is prohibited without the written approval of RateItAll, Inc.