Setting up the "My Feed" view of your Home Page

Think of your RateItAll home page as a customized newsfeed of reviews and activity about things that are you interested in.

There are two primary components to the "My Feed" view of your home page; 1) the activity of people that you follow; 2) activity about topics you follow.


Following Reviewers

There are lots of ways to find people to follow on RateItAll.  You can check out our Leaderboard.  You can browse the "Everyone" view of your home page to find reviewers that look interesting.  And of course, you can invite your friends to join.  Following an existing RateItAll reviewer is as easy as going to their profile page, and clicking the "Follow Me" button under the profile picture.  Once you have followed a RateItAll Reviewer, their reviews and other activity will show up automatically on your home pages


Following Topics

In addition to following particular people, you can also follow topics you are interested in.   There are two ways to do this.

The first way is to subscribe to keywords.  Clicking the gear icon on your home page will open up your newsfeed settings panel.  The keywords tab lets you subscribe to reviews and activity in your feed that pertain to particular keywords like "Sports" or "Travel" or "Technology" or "Politics."

The second way is to subscribe to particular RateItAll categories like San Francisco Taquerias or iPhone Applications.  To a subscribe to a particular RateItAll category, look for the Heart / Fave icon as you browse the site.  Subscribing to a RateItAll cateogry will automatically include all reviews and activity from that category in your "My Feed" view.


Setting Up Your Network

Using the home page settings (gear icon), you can also do things like set the network of people from whom you will see reviews on your home page.  By clicking the "Community" tab on your settings page, you can choose to see reviews from just the people you follow, or you can expande


Story Types

RateItAll is an incredibly active community, so sometimes its necessary to scale back the activity in your home newsfeed.  Clicking the "Story Types" tab on your home page settings lets you decide what type of content is included in your home newsfeed.

Have more questions about setting up your home newsfeed?  Check out this long blog post on the subject.