Trusted Recommendations on RateItAll

The RateItAll Recommendation Engine is a free service that lets RateItAll members quickly and easily share recommendations among trusted sources. 

Here’s how to get started:

1) Join RateItAll 

2) Select Your Trusted Network

Add existing RateItAll members to your trusted network by clicking the link on their profile page that says "Add to my Trusted Network."  For a list of top RateItAll reviewers, click HERE.

You can also invite "real life" friends to join your trusted network by clicking the "Invite Friends" icon on your profile page.

3) Launch the Recommendation Engine

While browsing the site, look for the links that say "Get Trusted Recommendations."  These links will generate trusted recommendations based on your trusted network for the product or service topic that you are viewing.

You can also launch the the RateItAll recommendation engine from your user profile page by clicking the link that says "Browse Recommendations."

Change the settings to adjust trust level (one degree away = most trusted) and recommendation type (movies, books, products, etc.).


For more information on RateItAll’s Recommendation Engine, please see the Recommendation Engine FAQ. - The Opinion Network
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