RateItAll Local

RateItAll Local, a division of RateItAll, Inc., is a new kind of online yellow pages service that provides consumer ratings and reviews, contact information, maps, and Web site links for local merchants, bars & restaurants, service providers, and other local businesses.

RateItAll Local allows you to find and share opinions on the local merchants and businesses in your community.  Using RateItAll's proprietary opinion-sharing technology, RateItAll Local lets you rate and review the vendors that compete for your business.  Ratings and reviews are publicly displayed on the site and accessible by other visitors to RateItAll Local.  Ratings and reviews are tabulated in real time, and presented in a way that lets you quickly and easily find the right business for your needs.

RateItAll Local - Find the BEST Local Merchant

Simply put, RateItAll Local is your local yellow pages service with a memory.  Instead of displaying alphabetical listings of merchants, RateItAll Local aggregates the experiences of people in your community to show you the BEST merchants.  Now you can learn about the experiences of others with merchants in your community before spending your money.

You can use RateItAll Local to choose a vet for the family dog, to get a map to that new sushi restaurant opening downtown, or to find the right orthodontist for your family.  And lots more.

Give Your Feedback

RateItAll Local lets you post public feedback on just about every local business in your community.  Was your bank teller incompetent?  Warn others about your experience.  Did your florist go above and beyond the call of duty to create that perfect gift for your spouse?  Give them some credit - publicly. 

RateItAll Local is a powerful feedback mechanism for holding local businesses accountable for their customer service.  Your experiences will help others in your community to make the right choices in choosing a local merchant.

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To add your business to RateItAll Local, browse the RateItAll Local directories, find the appropriate category, and click "Add a new item to this Topic."


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