RateItAll is a community resource that relies on its members to contribute new items.  In order to maintain quality control, we've established a few guidelines and tips that should be followed when submitting new items.  Following these guidelines will result in a higher probability of your new item submission being accepted and a better user experience for all RateItAll members.

Item Name - The Item Name represents the listing exactly as it will appear on the site.  Here are some specific guidelines for writing an Item Name:

  • No Duplicates - Before suggesting a new item, make sure it doesn't already appear in a separate section of RateItAll by using the site's search feature.  For example, a band that does not appear in the Classic Rock Musicians section may be listed in the Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Musicians section.  RateItAll's policy is to try to avoid listing the same item under multiple sections.
  • Be Consistent - Make sure the Item Name follows the same format as other items within its section.  For example, when adding a new music album to a list, the correct format as determined by the rest of the section is to list the album followed by the name of the band in parentheses, like this: OK Computer (Radiohead)
  • Check Spelling - Before submitting a new item suggestion, please check its spelling.
  • Don't Use "The / A / An" - RateItAll does not use the articles "The," "A," or "An" at the beginning of an Item Name.  For example, the band "The Rolling Stones" should be listed as "Rolling Stones."  Please make your Item Name submissions accordingly.  Articles that appear in the middle of an item name (e.g. "Beauty and the Beast") are acceptable, however.

Item Description - The Item Description is the descriptive text that will appear in the "About" box related to a new item.  The purpose of the Item Description is to provide unbiased information that will help the rater identify the item he/she is rating.  Here are some specific guidelines to help with writing an Item Description:

  • Avoid Bias - RateItAll does its best NEVER to take an editorial position in an Item Description.  Item descriptions should be written in a factual, unbiased manner and should not indicate an editorial preference or dislike of any kind.  For example, an Item Description of Venice, Italy should NOT read, "With a population of 272,000, Venice's canals make it the most beautiful city in the world."  A better, less biased description would be, "With a population of 272,000, Venice is located in Northeast Italy and is known as 'The City of Canals.'" 
  • Check Spelling and Grammar - Before submitting an Item Description, please double check your grammar and spelling.  An easy way to do this is to write up the Item Description in MS Word, then copy / paste it into the appropriate field.
  • No Plagiarism - Item Descriptions MUST be written in your own words.  Copying and pasting item descriptions from other sources is absolutely forbidden.

Related Web Site URL - The Related Web Site URL is the Web address of the site to which you wish to link.  An example is:  Make sure the Related Web Site URL starts with "http://"

Related Web Site Name - The Related Web Site Name is the name of the Web site that you wish to link, for example ""  If you wish to link to an internal page of a site, the proper format would be for example " Shaquille O'Neill."