RateItAll Widgets - Free Polls for Your MySpace Profile Page

RateItAll Widgets let you quickly and easily place interactive ratings lists on your Web site, blog, or MySpace profile - at no charge.  Adding a RateItAll Widget to your site gives you access to our battle tested ratings engine and lets you tap into our massive database of consumer reviews across virtually any topic.

Choose from more than 25 thousand existing ratings lists, or build your own using RateItAll's Weblister tool.

You can browse our ratings lists by theme from our Weblist tag cloud, or you can drill down by category from the Weblist index.

To add a RateItAll ratings list to your Web site, simply copy and paste either the Static or Dynamic code at the bottom of any RateItAll ratings list.  Here's a screenshot of what the code will look like:

You can also create a new interactive ratings list with content tailored towards your Web site by following the steps below.

Here's how to get started:

     1. Join RateItAll

     2. Go to Your Profile Page

     3. Click "Create/Edit My Weblists"

     4. Click "Create a New Weblist"

     5. Fill in the Required Fields

     6. View Your Weblist, and copy and paste the code at the bottom of the page to your MySpace profile

(also works for Friendster, Xanga, etc.)

You can also choose from the more than 20,000 polls that other people have made.  To put somebody else's poll on your MySpace profile, browse HERE for a poll you like, and just copy and paste the code at the bottom of the page.

If you get stuck, send Lawrence a message here

Here's an example:

Social Networking Web Sites - View All
Facebook (5)
43things.com (1)
CollectiveX (1)
Friendzy (1)
GorillaExchange (1)
ZeroDegrees (1)
LinkedIn (2)
MySpace.com (14)
Neighborwork.com (3)
Yahoo! 360 (2)
Swellster.com (3)
Orkut (4)
hi5.com (2)
TagWorld (2)
SmutVibe (1)
Ziki (1)
Friendster (5)
AIM Pages (0)
Bebo (0)
Buzznet (0)
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