What is RateItAll?

RateItAll is the fun and social way to share reviews about anything.

And we mean everything: products, people, places, music, movies, celebrities, pets, poems, art, games, travel... anything that inspires you.

What can I do on RateItAll?

You can rate anything.

You can build "Top Ten" style lists about anything.

You can take compatibility quizzes in areas such as music and movies and meet people that share your tastes.

You can promote your product, site, brand, self, etc. by adding something to our site to be rated by others.

How is RateItAll different?

RateItAll is different from other consumer review sites in three major ways:

  1. Coverage. We cover everything
  2. Reviewer Terms. We share revenue
  3. Openness. We expose all of our content via APIs, feeds, and widgets

Who is RateItAll?

RateItAll is a start-up based in San Francisco with six full time employees.

Our investors include Accelerator Ventures, JAIC, Launch Capital,and Eric Di Benedetto.

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