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1475 days ago

Mega Fume fumigated my house recently they where subcontract through Trump Pest Control, Inc. When this company showed up they where dirty and unorganized from the start. Then they proceed to fumigate the house. When they where done and I returned home my house was a mess.
They went to the bathroom #2 clogged the toilet.
They knocked over paint and gas cans and left them that way.
They left all my gates open.
They smashed all my plants did not even try to avoid them.
They smashed and broke both vent fans on the roof.
My neighbor even told me when they where removing the tent the employee could not pull tent off because it was struck on gutter so employee just kept pulling and yanking till it fell off, Now I have a bent gutter.

I don’t know whom to blame here Trump Pest Control, Inc. (877) 270-2847 for subbing the job out or Mega fume for being idiots.
If you see this please do not hire these guys.

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