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Crude, ignorant comedy about a pack of imbeciles who work for a bus company in some unnamed city.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Folks who have only seen Robbie Coltrane as the ludicrous Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies, won't recognize him in this.

Coltrane plays Cracker, an alcoholic, womanizing, addictive gambler who also happens to be a police psychiatrist.

Gritty, compelling police drama, and Coltrane's portrayal of the title character is spellbinding.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Another candidate who chooses to focus on abortion and gay marriage. I am not stating that I'm either for or against these issues. I'm just saying there are much more important matters at hand.

- Rated by: BustinDustin (4)
Could this really be from the same nation that gave us Shakespeare and Newton?

- Rated by: CanadaSucks (38)
Ultra low-brow comedy involving underdressed women (by far the best part), ignorant puns, the usual British comedy standby of having a significant part of the cast dress in drag, and jokes so simple and stupid they would be considered unusually crude by a group of twelve year old boys camping in the woods.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
The successor to "Yes Minister" using most of the same cast, and essentially the same premise, it lost most of the energy from the original series.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Speaking from the viewpoint of a former political aide and apparatchik, this is one of the funniest, and also most accurate depictions of life on the inside of the political machine.

Low key, understated but nonetheless, hilarious, it was much funnier than the successor show, "Yes Prime Minister"

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
A little erratic at times, but a series of sketches primarily performed by Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett.

Ran for years, and featured some pretty impressive talent, and some exquisitely funny stuff.

Corbett and Barker are sort of an English version of Abbot and Costello, but with less definition of which was the comic and which the straight man.

The show began and ended with the Ronnies at a newsdesk, doing spoof news well before SNL was ever thought of, and always closed with the classic exchange:

Corbett: So it's "Goodnight" from me.
Barker: And it's "Goodnight" from him.
Both: Goodnight.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Asinine, pretentious, semi-comedy crime series, featuring a twit detective who also happens to be a slightly shady antique dealer.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Seemed like a throwback to the old English music hall comedy with repetitive, predictable jokes, slightly salacious humor and a cast of caricatures, rather than characters.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Foxx was a fearsomely strong man, a terrific power hitter, who played for the Athletics, Red Sox and Cubs from the late twenties to the mid-forties.

One of the most feared sluggers of his day, and in the top 5 right handed power hitters to ever play, Foxx was a terrifying sight to pitchers. Lefty Gomez, one of the great pitchers of the era, said that Foxx had "muscles in his hair"

After his career ended, Foxx managed and coached in the minor leagues, and was also the manager of the Fort Wayne Daisies of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Tom Hanks character in the movie "League of Their Own" was very loosely based on Foxx.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
This show is so hilarious...I always love to catch it on TV because it's so clever.  The actors had great chemistry and I can see the same premise working well for a show today.  American TV has remade many British shows and I wish this had been among them.

- Rated by: BustinDustin (4)
A team built on speed, pitching and defense, that was the best edition of the ball club between the disgraced 1919 team and the 2005 champions.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Pleasant enough place with an interesting downtown area that is largely intact from the towns glory days in the early twentieth century.

Centralia has an interesting and violent history which for understandable reasons the local Chamber of Commerce doesn't talk much about. In 1919 it was the site of the Centralia Massacre, a contentious and murderous battle between members of the American Legion and the International Workers of the World that resulted in the deaths of about half a dozen people and the lynching of one more.

A don't miss spot is the Olympic Club, a restored "gentleman's resort" that is now a bar, restaurant, billiard room, movie house complex. Great taps, good food and a fine ambience.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
An ugly bordertown encompassed with hideous stripmalls and evangelical churches.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Just a wide spot on the highway with some nearby pretty scenery.

Not much else.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Or as some locals call it "Joke Harbour"

Essentially a bunch of strip malls in search of a town, with a lot of services that have grown up around the nearby air station.

Flyers brew pub is excellent, however.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
An angry, compelling rage of a track, that is the best thing this band ever did, and is one of the high points of its era.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
I always had a soft spot for this band, and managed to find some of their work on CD last year.

Personally, my favorite work of theirs is "Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?" but this is excellent too.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Enigmatic brilliance. One of a handful of truly superb series made for television.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
A work of comedic genius. One of the true high water marks in the history of television.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
A soap opera set in a working class neighborhood that has been seemingly running forever.

I haven't seen it since my mother watched it obsessively years ago, but I remember it as being faintly interesting, but only faintly.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Comedy science fiction at it very best.

Smutty, incorrect, salacious and crude, the humor is excellently low-brow, with some surprising twists.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Well acted (by Derek Jacobi in the title role) and generally well scripted, these adaptations of the Ellis Peters medieval mysteries are watchable if not brilliant.

The flaw is not so much in the production and performance, but in the paucity of the original Peters material, which doesn't stand up well to more than a few episodes.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)
Yeah, this is just the ticket to promote stability. Take a bit of time to research the kind of politicians the Irish elect to the Dail Eireann and the Seanad Eirann, and give your head a shake.

Best leave the lads to their own affairs.

- Rated by: irishgit (122)

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