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I can't even give it a star rating. It's that bad!!! But this rating system must have atleast a star. Biase rating system!!!

- Rated by: SyafiqOng (0)
not worth the money. use zip lock baggies or old grocery bags.

- Rated by: lalabean (0)
This blog is boring, pedantic, and shamelessly self-serving. However, I find I have to rate it highly because it's my blog.


- Rated by: bmoffitt (0)
Caveat: I am a bigot - I used to work for Sun, in the Solaris group, and I have used Solaris for many years. On the other hand, I'm far from afraid to poke a stick at Sun when they do something I don't like.

I believe that Solaris 10 is the best server-side operating system in the world, full stop. It is years ahead of the Linux distros (which, by the way, I also really like) and is being continuously improved.

First, it should be noted that Solaris is based on the open-source OpenSolaris, so it is as "open-source" as Red Hat Linux and other Linux distros. And it is as "proprietary" as they are. Solaris 10 is to OpenSolaris as RHEL5 is to Fedora - you choose what you want.

Second, Solaris as a desktop or workstation OS is, well, weak. It's not bad, but it's not great, either. With the exception of OpenOffice/StarOffice, the desktop software available for Solaris tends to be backrev, which can cause problems (albeit relatively few), and there's not as much desktop software available for Solaris as for Linux, OS/X and, of course, Windows. The one thing about it - it almost never crashes. What it does, it does really, really well, but you wouldn't replace your Mac with a Solaris box.

Third, there's just no substitute for some of the unique functionality in Solaris 10 - Zones, DTrace, ZFS, etc. Some of these things can literally change the way a datacenter runs and save big $$$. Even if you're just doing relatively simple things (running a web server, for instance) the security capabilities of Solaris (privileges, for instance) can make a huge difference in keeping the server up and running smoothly.

Fourth, Solaris is free, as in free beer. Download either OpenSolaris or Solaris 10, put it on a server, and run. Support, of course, costs, but it's pretty reasonable.

I humbly submit that it's worth taking another look at Solaris.

- Rated by: bmoffitt (0)
My partner and I used GoDaddy to set up www.ayrstone.com, an e-commerce site to sell products for small business owners, primarily in agriculture. It was extremely easy to make a useful and nice-looking web site very quickly with the Websitetonight capability. It was a bonus that we could instantly add a discussion forum, and the discussion forum is very nice, easy to configure, and easy to use.

In order to do e-commerce, we chose to use GoDaddy's Quick Shopping Cart, which was not so easy to set up. It took quite a while to set up our merchant account so we could take credit cards, and we ran into several problems. GoDaddy's customer support was excellent, but it turned out that some of the options shown on their site for merchant accounts wouldn't do what we hoped, and it was hard to find the information about the supported merchant accounts. At one point, someone from GoDaddy told us a particular merchant account would work with Quick Shopping Cart when, in fact, it did not.

So, overall we're happy with GoDaddy. It's a particularly good option for someone who's not particularly web-savvy, as the tools are very good and very friendly. Getting e-commerce set up was tough, but, since this is the first e-commerce site I have set up, I can't say whether it was easier or harder than other web hosting operations.

- Rated by: bmoffitt (0)
Very strong discussion group - lots of knowledgeable people to answer questions, always some interesting discussions going on

- Rated by: bmoffitt (0)
Excellent discussion forum - like the way follow-ups are popped up in a new window so you can see the original posting and the follow-ups. Good community of knowledgeable people.

- Rated by: bmoffitt (0)

ok, maybe that was a bit harsh, I bitch about crappy service, etc. etc.- but I still have them.  I think it is flat out bullshit that I have no other options that compare to what I DO have with Comcrap, when things are working (and yes, once in awhile my modem connects)  I despise this government for allowing this company to rip us off with the outrageous prices.

I cannot watch my "on demand" because it is pixelated to the point where I cant even see what I am watching- and THATS when it actually plays the movie I pay for (or the free ones).  I call them to get some tech support and I get the runaround.  First of all, I hate that they have a 3 to 6 hour window to show up for their appointments because I dont have a lot of free time and I lose money by waiting for them to check out my system.  I also hate the fact that I KNOW there is nothing wrong with my cable box or modem, but they refuse to check anywhere else first, no matter what.  I finally got a rep to schedule them to check my exterior service but I had to wait over 3 weeks because she said the soonest they could come was 3 weeks from when I called.  What pisses me off is that they never showed up after I waited all that time.  I was then told the checked the service at the pole (where, the NORTH pole?)  because my service runs out from my house to a box in the yard, I think they lied to me about checking it at all.  I KNOW they werent anywhere around when they were supposed to be so if they checked any poles, they would have been a main network connection for the whole neighborhood.  Common sense would tell just about any jackass that if I am the only one in the neighborhood calling, everything is probably ok at the pole!  MY problem is somewhwere between where the cable comes out of my house and the box in my yard I suspect, or from the box in my yard to the pole.  It would take them a few minutes to come and disconnect the cable at my house and run their signal check from that end to the box, and/or from the box to the pole.  My problem is somewhere from the house to the pole- I cannot get service I cannot get an intelligent rep or anything with comcast.  They fuckin suck and I HATE them for being my only option other than getting another dish and dsl which means I would have to pay for phone service I dont need. (I use a cell phone for all my phoning needs)


- Rated by: c00ster (0)
I like this show, however I saw a glimpse of snittyness when he decided to devote a show to Rosie O'Donnell bashing for her imitation of Chinese language.

Though I think the media has painted a ridiculous picture of Michael Richards for his spouting off (racist rantings while in a fit of rage- which any intelligent mind would assess as anger more than racism- we say the meanest things we can think of when angry, we dont always agree or believe in what we say when we are mad)

I thought Rosie's ordeal was no less innocent, but I thought it was childish to even waste any time talking about it, since I believe that racism most affects the ignorant. Those who ARE racist, and especially those who accuse EVERYONE of being racist!

Joe still has a great show overall, but he lost a star when he allowed himself to be drawn into such immaturity.

- Rated by: c00ster (0)
He was pretty good and he is an even greater director- I think his brother should get MUCH more credit than he has though because he has been in more movies than Ron was- always in a supporting role never getting any credit. I applaud Ron for putting his brother to work in most of his movies, but the brother has had other roles outside of the power of Ron.

- Rated by: c00ster (0)
I will say that I believe the Holocaust may have been exagerated over the years, as every single thing is over time. I despise the notion that it never happened though, because there are too many people that were directly and indirectly affected by it- so it MUST have really happened.

The footage alone is enough evidence of the atrocities to prove that it happened. Even if only a thousand were killed or abused- it is still no better than if a billion were!

1 life is no less valuable than a million!

- Rated by: c00ster (0)
Purina has been doing it for years! One takes it further by zooming in on the needs of certain types of dogs. Its about time that a dog food company considered the differences between breeds. The "One Puppy formula for large breeds" considers the common hip problems of large breed dogs and gives them the nutrients for strengthening them in all the right places. Hip displasia could be a thing of the past for our beloved friends.

- Rated by: c00ster (0)
Beautiful and well written poems. They are very moving.

- Rated by: petervincenthale (1)
Great site to get personalized movies recommendations, based on movie ratings. I can say that it works. Before watching a new movie i always check my predicted rating.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
She is a good actress, i liked her acting in Star Trek Voyager, but i don't think she is actually sexy. She is not bad, nothing more.
Of course that's my opinion, i realize that others may not agree with me.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
It used to be my favorite tv-series, i watched every episode of it, and right now i still enjoy watching this show.
Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik) was totally cute and hilarious, and her superpowers were amazing.
In this movie i found many humorous situations, exciting adventures and positive principles like friendship and family.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
She has been great as Naomi Wildman in Star Trek Voyager.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
I don't think that this is the worst thing.
For example, drivers that suddenly slow down and pull over to answer to their cell phones are way more dangerous than those who use their cellphones while driving.
In addition, having a conversation with a passanger can be as distracting as using a cellphone.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
It is very useful to discover new interesting websites and to find people with similar interests; i discovered rateitall.com and many other great webpages using stumbleupon.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
Amazing bittorrent client: full-featured, but very small (<200 kb) and with very low memory usage.

- Rated by: asterisk (4)
Well now it depends if its an old couple (50's and beyond) or a young couple (20ish) then the sounds will be either, yucky or honey can we?

- Rated by: masters (6)
"If the glove don't fit, you must acquit!" his famous words will live on forever. Great man and lawyer.

- Rated by: masters (6)
Eddie would go. A great man and a great wrestler. He really made a name for himself, his family and his culture. God bless Eddie!

- Rated by: masters (6)
The man who went beyond comedy. I loved every movie he has made especially "Brewster Millions". I have a few signed photos and came to be good friends with his daughter, Rain. She has a nice tribute to her dad at ther website. "Rain Pryor" in google.

- Rated by: masters (6)
Too loud for my volume. Need special hearing aid. lol

- Rated by: masters (6)

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