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 Mike Bloomfield took the Blues from the Black blues masters and made it accesable to all. Mike is an important link in the lineage of R&R;/Blues Guitar playing.

Check out his smoking playing on Paul Butterfield's Blue Band album East/West!  I do not recall anyone playing improvisationally Prior to Mike and you would think the Dead invented this type of playing but it was Mike! Need more proof listen to the Electric Flag or Mikes work with Bob Dylan.

Mike Bloomfield is Guitar Legend of the Highest Order and is directly resposnible for influencing countless guitar players around the world!

Anything less than Five Stars from a rateitall reviewer is UNSAT!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

  Four stars and less is not acceptable for this British great.

We all know about his work with the Stones but let's not forget his work with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

Check out the tune Knockers Step Forward and you will know why the Stones wanted Mick Taylor.

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

Along with Mike Bloomfield Johnny Winter is the best white American Blues player. The following Johnny Winter albums are Masterpieces; Still Alive and Well, Second Winter, Saints and Sinners, Johnny Winter, Johnny Winter and..., John Dawson Winter III, and The Progressive Blues Experiment and for a real treat listen to Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield's Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes in which an unknown Johnny Winter lights it up on It's My Own Fault.

Johnny Winter ia a Guitar Legend second to none and this old guy is still cranking it out even in ill health.

Johnny Keep kicking that ass!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
First off Carlos live is always ass kicking and all this nonsense about changing his style is just plain frigging stupid and shows that many rateit all reviewers know squat about guitar players.

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

16 years old and playing with Santana speaks volumes!

Listen to the Santana album Caravenserai the guitar playing between Carlos and Neal is outstanding. Carlos calls this his Favorite album.

Listen to the 70's Journey albums and you will here some smoking guitar playing.

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
In my opinion the best of the 60's era guitar players from the Bay area. The Ringing Chiming Shimmering tones and the lightning runs definitely set him apart. John knew how to use the whammy bar just right.

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
Gary Moore has done it all from Blues,Heavy Metal, and Jazz Fusion guitar playing.
Gary started young and struck up a friendship with Peter(Fleetwood Mac)Green so much that Greeny basically gave away his classic '59 Les Paul to Gary which Gary treasures to this day!
Classic Gary Moore albums Black Rose by Thin Lizzy, Back on the Streets,Victims of the Future and anything with Coliseum II also Live albums We Want Moore and Live at the Marquee are blistering hot!
In concert Gary Moore is outstanding his playing is clean,technically sound, with emotion and power!
Really anything less than five stars then someone has not listened to this Irish axe wizard!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

Captain Finger is so smooth!

Any album by Rit is outstanding as well as all the other  musicians albums he has guested on. 

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
Growing up in West Virginia there is no other way to eat a Hot Dog.
I would go as far as saying a slaw dog is the state food of West Virginia.
Do not knock it until you have tried it.
Yes I was taken aback when I first moved to West Virginia but one bite and it has been one of my favorite foods.
Try a slaw dog next time you pass through the Mountain State!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
Ketchup does not belong on a Hot Dog EVER unless you are five years old! YUCK!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

  In the words of Tommy Chong, "Dude You Drive like Steve McQueen"

Best car chase in any movie ever and fanatics of the Ford Mustang GT390 "Bullitt" love the rubber burning Lt Frank Bullitt played by one of the all time tough guys Steve McQueen!

Steve McQueen is COOL!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
Just Listen to the guitar Playing!
Johnny Winter is a Texas legend

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
One of Pink Floyd's hardest rocking songs and my favorite of The Wall !!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
Kick back get toasty throw on the headphones and enjoy this Pink Floyd Classic. I love every second of this twenty three minute epic.

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

  SRV Kicked ass until the day he died!

If you ever saw SRV in concert this dude had the best Moon walk this side of Whacko Jacko and SRV covers of Hendrix songs and Guitar histronics were second to none.

How many rateitall raters knew SRV was the guitar player on David Bowie's Let's Dance. Listen closely and you will here SRV cutting it up!

Long Live SRV!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

  Outstanding album Phil Earharts drumming is excellant and Rich Williams and Kerry Livegren kick it on Guitar, but to me Steve Walsh and Robby Steinhardt were exciting to watch in concert and Dave Hopes Bass playing was thick.

From the opening Song For America to the closing with Magnum Opus this is a Kick ass live album!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

  Live in Japan is an absolute classic!

I have been jamming on this recording for 30+ years and god help me I will be cranking it up another 30+ years!


- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

  aWiseguy I miss the old Aerosmith too and any tune of Rocks is Kick ass.

Brad Whitford and Joe Perry tear it up on Back in the Saddle Again

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)

Not the biggest Amusement Park in the world but certainly packs enough fun for the whole family.

One drawback is I ordered a funnel cake and they did not fry it, in fact it was already cooked and was heated up yuck! 

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
At one time this magazine would have rated FIVE Stars from portecrayon.
I cancelled my subscription because i got tired of reading stoires of far off extreme places to backpack rather than the places close to the majority of the subscribers which are in the United States.
Lets face it I am not Back Packing in the Hindu Kush Mountains anytime soon and i do not want to readabout it either.

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
FrogGuy you cannot upgrade old computers with new processors! and what you can upgrade them with (Hard Drives and memory) will cost more than your ancient machine.
Do not be cheap by a new machine.
With that said Maxim PC keeps you up on the latest computer stuff such as Mobo, Processors,Hard Drives and all the other gadgets so you can deck out your rig to be kick ass.
PC World or any of these other rags will not teach you how to build and customize your own machine, plus the Maxim PC guys constantly keep you abreast of the latest tools to keep your machine running fine as well as rating the products they test.
Best Computer Mag out there take it from a Computer Tech!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
The Amazing Spiderman!
Best Comic book of all times and the list of adversaries that Spidey battle were endless!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
The Industructible Hulk!
The madder he gets the stronger he gets.
The only one ever to pick up Thor's Hammer

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
A ten plus minute epic that is a force!
Led Zeppelin never rocked harder than on this tune and on the Presence albumm which coincidentally is the only Led Zeppelin album with no acoustic guitar

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)
I happen to think it represents the state of West Virginia just fine.
West Virginia is a special place she is a war child born of the Civil War the only state in the union with that distinction and the state motto conveys such.
Montani Semper Liber
Mountaineers are Always Free!

- Rated by: portecrayon (9)