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591 days ago

A&G just detailed my '98 Nissan Maxima. I've not kept up the interior through three kiddos growing up -- the oldest of which is now ready for a car. When I told him he would be getting my Maxima, I knew he was happy, but I also knew he didn't look forward to having to clean it out after all the abuse it had been through over the years. My present to him is this interior detail, and it was worth every penny -- I could see it on his face when we picked it up! The team at A&G made this car shine inside nearly to brand new quality. There were scuff marks all over the doors they remove, tough stains in the floorboards that they were able to remove (almost) completely -- but the real difference is just in the overall ability to sit in it and not know how bad it was 6 hours ago. An excellent value!!

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