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906 days ago

The management is terrible and cares nothing about the residents or their reputation. Everyone I knew who lived there (mostly students and some young professionals) complained about the management issues and rarely did anyone stay past the time of their initial lease. The ladies in the leasing office have accused us of being delinquent on rent by 1 penny and and threatening us with a late charge, and we had to go explain to the leasing office that we had split rent down
the middle and both my roommate and I rounded up, so we'd actually paid 1 cent more than
was due. Crazy. Also, when notifying them of our move-out, the office told us we did not
need to submit written notification because we informed them in person. This was confusing, because it seemingly violated our lease, but the office assured us it was just a formality and since we had verbally informed them, it wasn't necessary to do anything further. Silly of us to believe the very people we signed our lease with, because a month later they slapped us with another $2000 due to pay for another month since we hadn't "followed our contract." No one in the office really knows what's going on, and its a complete sham. There are lots of apartments close by with just as great of location, without the terrible management.

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