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421 days ago

They are sooo professional. I have called a few other companies to get an estimate. First, they did not require me to give them a credit card # for them to show up, the estimate was completly FREE. They were always available, they even employ a manger to answer and schedule customers all day, and he is just so polite and respectful as well as knowledgable. As for the crew, they were on time, courteous and super efficent. I had a few dumb questions, but they took the time to explain what they were doing and why it was necasary. I cant say enough. I really feel from office manager to technicians, they are all genually nice people and not once did i feel like they would take advantage of me. Their prices were very competitive and they are licensed in the city and had the inspector out with in a few days. It passed with flying colors, Thank you so much. If you need an electrician, you would be foolish if you dont at least have these guys check it out first!

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