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1532 days ago

First of all, let me validate this comment by saying that yes, if you cannot afford pet care you need to seriously think about whether or not you need to own a pet, and that after hours care is obviously going to be more expensive. But these people are in a service industry, which means they should be honest and upfront especially when your pet's health is at stake. Above all, in these hard situations vets and their techs should be CARING. Most of the reviews you will read here are negative, and a few seem to have a totally different experience. Of course if you had a bad experience you may be bitter about it, but that doesn't mean that we are wrong. All I can tell you is that there is no guarantee whether your pet will get a good vet or the money-grubbing vets that have affected so many here.
I have had the chance to go here twice, one time it was too late. From what I can remember of that experience they seemed decent enough, which is why I chose to return the second time.
This emergency care center made a bad situation WORSE. Not only did they grossly out-do themselves trying to get me to pay out of the wazoo for tests I KNOW I didn't need, but they tried to GUILT me for making the best decision for my pet and my wallet.
I know that emergency care is one expense that no one really knows for sure they are going to need, and God forbid you ever actually need it for something serious. My dog is pretty much my best friend, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her if I thought she was in serious danger. But as luck has it I just have a clumsy Boxer and we ended up going in for a minor puncture wound, not bad enough to be frightened but deep enough to warrant immediate antibiotics.
I knew it would be expensive since this was after care but not ever having been to the Acton Rd vets I had NO IDEA. They kept trying to get me to pay for drains, x-rays, and ridiculous probing for something that only needed meds and glue. Understand me, if I thought my dog needed it I would have paid what they were asking, which was unbelievable. Close to $700! For a puncture smaller than 1/2".
As if that wasn't bad enough, after I stood my ground and refused to have more than a glue job and a shot administered, they kept trying to lower the price. At first I thought this was a nice gesture, but seriously if they could half the price in less than one tallying did I really need ANY of that in the first place? Come on people! To make matters worse they bullied me after I told them I just wanted them to get her fixed up enough so that I could take her to my wonderful regular vet the following day. They made me feel awful and cheap for being assertive and practical, because seriously she was in no kind of pain or danger! By the time I left I had paid through the nose for something I could have gotten for 75% less at my regular vet, without feeling like a fool for wanting immediate and compassionate care. Even the staff was confrontational!
I saw them making a couple in an actually really bad situation feel horrible as I left; these good people were trying to decide the care for an animal who had be in a real accident, and I can only image how bad they tried to take advantage of them. If you need to take your pet in after hours and you have no other choice, yeah sure take them to these scavengers. But if you do be upfront with them and don't let yourself feel bad for being reasonable and compassionate. I gave two stars because they didn't kill my dog. If you can wait however go to Bessemer or your regular vet in the morning. Lord knows you will save a crap ton of money and get the kind of respect you and your animal friend DESERVES.

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1532 days ago

I think this is probably the most thoughtful way this facility could have been reviewed. I have had only two experiences with the Acton Road vets, and it really is a crap-shoot whether you get a reputable vet or the incompetent ones that seem to frequent the after hours care. If you read these reviews PLEASE take this one to heart; I am sure if you are scheduling for a surgery in a non-emergency situation they might be fine, but seriously as much as some of these reviews are written by disillusioned and angry pet owners, they DO NOT LIE. The life of your pet is at stake and the only guarantee is that you will pay more than you can afford. Avoid them if at all possible, and thank you reviewer for your fair and frank comments.
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