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1568 days ago

Excellent. I'm glad that you didn't have to spend the extra money on Science Diet. I was told by Dr. Kupke that I should be feeding my pets the food they sell in their office (Science Diet) or risk my pets getting sick or some other deteriment would happen.

I gotta say, after reading the other posts on this site for Sabal Chase Animal Clinic, it would seem that I am the only person that has had a bad experience. Makes one think that it might be personal. :-(

1568 days ago

Let me guess. You couldn't use pet food available from the chain pet supply stores or grocery stores, right?

1569 days ago

I am glad to know that someone else has had a better experience. I can only speak of my experiences. Maybe he had a reason for hounding us but not you. This site asks for reviews and that's what I gave.

Congrats again on a better experience. I, personally, have stopped bringing my animals there; our dog passed last October and we just have the one cat now who is 17 and will live out the rest of her life in the comfort of our loving home without being poked or prodded or unnecessary exams.

1948 days ago

My wife & I do not like this place. We've been clients for years. We loved Dr Anderson but a few years ago he sold the place to Dr Kupke. We don't like the tactics of the new staff. They use scare tactics and guilt while trying to get you to buy extra tests and products. Dr Kupke is an animal dentist and pushes his dentistry services with an intensity that makes us uncomfortable. But it is close to where we live and we are stuck there.

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