Fighting the Good Fight!

This list is a place to post stories, recommend ideas, discuss topics that lead to human development, evolution, eugenics, and individual freedom.

Focus is sometimes on the enemies of personal liberty.

Promoters of enforced PC codes of speech are enemies of the 'one'.

The "nanny-state" mentality is an enemy of the individual.

Gov'ts that over-regulate the activities of people are marked for removal.

Those are just some of the threats facing people living under a regime of any type.

Personal liberties are at stake and those who defend
their rights are 'fighting the good fight'.

Being aware of threats is first step in defense.
Then, share what you know.
We can come up with good ideas to combat tyranny.

Whether tyranny is gov't driven,
religiously based, socially induced,
or what have you, tyranny against the individual is unacceptable and will be challenged.

So, please comment on issues facing people against those who wish to control people.

I welcome add-ons and suggestions.

Star Rating Scale: 1 = That will not help the fight. / 2 = Not enough. / 3 = Okay for starters. / 4 = Good idea to persevere liberty / 5 = You must do this for all!

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