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Last year, I thought I would succeed to waste my time working to make myself more sufficient. Unfortunately the world is still stupid, and too much ignorance is found every where. I try to be nice, but the world is shaping me in a direction I intend to avert, but the world insists. So I said, ok! I have accepted the challenge, and here we go!

I'm a fan of the sci-fis, cartoons, realistic sci-fis. I read a lot of scince fictions on the web. But I discovered something interesting. That thing is comics. I learned nothing about the director of the DC comics, Justice League. Until I watched the episodes on the TV. Bruce Timm is a bright man, and so does Mr. Berkowitz, and the other fantastic guys out there. I wonder if they are still doing a great deal even at this current time? Anyway, If they are still working harder, then I suggest, the JLA is extending, and expanding, reaching many fans around the world. I'm not here as a helper, but a crazy fan. The creator of batman Bob Kane has inpsired me to the guts. The voice of Kevin is great. Newbern is just perfectly good for superman. Green Lantern with Phil LaMarr, Jon Jons with Phil Morris. Looked like Black guys are proving real in voice mimickry. I got to tell ya, the are the geniuses. The javlin craft has also increased my own domestic approach to scientific art. Right now, I'm poseesing some of my won Justice League's personal crafts, each with different designs, shapes, and names according to the display of the Justice League heroes appearing from the horizon. Seven of them respectively. I like lawful world. Therefore I think we must stick to abide with it. Justice is perfect, and hurts no one outbound. If you steal, you will be brought to justice by the authorities. If YOU hurt people, or damage the society in general terms, you will face justice. Fact! I'm not a writer professionally speaking, but I might be an artist geometrically. My art can be accused of being a mythical one, but you are wrong if you say it like that. It's natural tendency that drives a person to think and then act out. Still not enough talent though. I hate mysteries. I hate unknowns. I hate things that are beyond humans. My character is of a human nature. So I'm who I'm. A human. But if the nature gives me strength mentally, I swear I won't pass by it. It's a gift forever.

Finally, I decided it's the time to be an amateur again. I know that, it's a loss. But please this is my own secret argument, and the speech writings are for my fans. Millions of fans? Great! If I'm lucky enough to get some. If non, then it's ok.

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List added by SCIENCEENGINEER on 11/9/2010
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