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Pick Your Poison  (By IgnatiusJReilly (80) on 08/30/2004)

From the Items given, please choose your favorite choice. Remember, these are your only choices! Sorta like the Presidential Election, you have to pick the lesser of two evils. 5 = Great

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BEST TV STYLE TO WATCH 24/7: Televangilists, C-SPAN, Naked Pygmy Wrestling From The Ghambia (translated into Chinese with Arabic Subtitles) (7)  4.29 (7)   Rate It!
SANEST RIA REVIEWER: MikeHolly, Sitcomwriter, ClassicTVfan (13)  4.00 (15)   Rate It!
BEST ITEM TO GIVE UP FOR ONE YEAR: Sex, Bathing, Clothes (11)  4.00 (12)   Rate It!
BEST GUEST TO INVITE TO YOUR FOURTH OF JULY BAR-B-QUE: Osama Bin-Laden, Ayatollah Khomeni, Saddam Hussien (9)  4.00 (9)   Rate It!
LEAST ANNOYING MALE VOICE: Gilbert Godfried, Ray Romano, Elmo (5)  4.00 (6)   Rate It!
LEAST ANNOYING SINGING VOICE: Tiny Tim, Yoko Ono, Bob Dylan (5)  3.80 (5)   Rate It!
BEST MAIN COURSE: Liver, Spinach, Live Goldfish (19)  3.71 (21)   Rate It!
MOST MATURE FAN BASE: N'Sync, Ricky Ulman, Orlando Bloom (3)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
EASIER TO EXPLAIN TO KIDS: Death of Grandparent, Why Daddy is going to go live with "Uncle" Bruce (Or Mommy living with "Auntie" Ellen!) (6)  3.50 (6)   Rate It!
BEST CAREER CHOICE: Septic Tank Cleaner, Murder Scene Clean up, Animal Euthanizer (7)  3.43 (7)   Rate It!
MOST PRODUCTIVE 1-900 SERVICE: Phychic Hotline, Phone Sex, Astrology Hotline (7)  3.29 (7)   Rate It!
BEST CHOICE FOR THE NEW JAMES BOND: Woody Allen, Andy Griffith, Urkel from Family Matters (5)  3.17 (6)   Rate It!
MOST EASY GOING PERSONALITY: Stalin, Hitler (8)  3.13 (8)   Rate It!
BETTER SEX: Dead Body, Sheep, Blow-Up Doll (9)  3.11 (9)   Rate It!
BEST DRINK: Hot Beer, Stale Cola, Fresh Squeezed, unsweetned Lime Juice (8)  3.00 (9)   Rate It!
BEST PET: Wild Skunk, Dead Puppy, Stampy The Elephant (4)  3.00 (4)   Rate It!
LEAST ANNOYING FEMALE VOICE: Fran Drescher, Joan Rivers, Carol Channing (2)  3.00 (2)   Rate It!
MOST PLEASENT WAY TO DIE: Crucifixion, Eaten by Bugs (1)  3.00 (1)   Rate It!
SEXIEST FEMALE: Hiliary Clinton, Linda Tripp, Carol Mosley-Brown (1)  3.00 (1)   Rate It!
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