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Questions to ponder
Description: Some questions that would be worth answering.
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1. Should Donald Rumsfeld be fired and punished for the iraqi POW abuse? (3.75) 12 10
2. Will the carry concealed weapons law actually make crime go higher or will it make crime go down. (3.67) 3 3
3. Are men being treated in America as fairly as women? (3.50) 6 2
4. Does Courtney Love belong in prison? (3.00) 2 2
5. Is mikeholly93 too prejudiced and biased in his opinions? (2.90) 10 9
6. Is America really going downhill and becoming an unsafe country to live in? (2.57) 7 6
7. Was the war in Iraq worth it? (2.46) 13 11
8. Should the American soldiers who abused the Iraqui POWs get life in prison? (2.36) 14 12
9. Will John Kerry make a good president if he wins? (2.00) 11 10
10. Can Bush be to blame for allowing 9/11 to occur? (1.45) 11 10
11. Will dating reality shows be the end of television? (1.40) 10 9
Questions to ponder: Showing items 1-11 of 11
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