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Proof America is an Evil Nation
Description: This list proves that America is going downhill very fast thanks to George W. Bush. We are now the laughing stock of the world. If this keeps going on, I will move to someplace nice in Europe such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Greece, or Sweden. But if hopefully John Kerry becomes our new President and turns things around, than I will stay here.
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1. We trained Bin Laden in Afghanistan (2.82) 17 12
2. War against the Indians in the 19th Century (2.33) 9 6
3. Our Connection to dictators in Central America (2.33) 6 2
4. America is a modern day version of Sodom and Gommorah. (2.25) 8 6
5. The United States is an imperialist nation out to conquer the world. (2.22) 18 15
6. 2004 Superbowl Scandal (2.13) 8 6
7. George W. Bush is an Evil Dictator who hates Gays and Lesbians and Pregnant Women who want to get Abortions. (2.11) 18 11
8. Some American women like to harass men. (2.11) 18 15
9. Highest Child abuse and molestation rate. (2.11) 9 5
10. American Soldiers abused those poor Iraqui POWs in Baghdad. (2.10) 30 23
11. We have the highest rape, homicide, drug, and teen pregnancy rates of any country. (2.00) 14 12
12. Marilyn Manson (2.00) 5 3
13. 20% of American teenagers are cannibals who kill adults, especially their parents, and eat their flesh. (2.00) 4 3
14. Out Television Networks are clogged up by too many nasty dating reality shows. (1.87) 15 10
15. There are more gold diggers and freeloaders in America than anywhere else in the world. (1.85) 13 11
16. American Teenagers and college kids disrespect authority, their parents, and the law. (1.82) 11 7
17. People in some European countries like Switzerland, Greece, sweden, and Austria have more civil rights and freedoms than Americans. (1.82) 11 6
18. Americans sometimes abuse freedom of speech by slandering people and defaming their reputation. (1.80) 10 8
19. Men are not treated as equally as women in America. (1.77) 13 10
20. Concealed Weapons Laws turn people, especially women, into violent evil vigilantes. (1.76) 17 13
Proof America is an Evil Nation: Showing items 1-20 of 48 (Next 20) Click HERE to see the entire list Click HERE to see the entire list
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