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The Drunkard's "To Do" List  (By Ridgewalker (117) on 06/29/2007)

This is the second in a series of lists aimed at making better drunks out of ordinary drunks. No need to thank me. If you can check off all the items on this list before your liver gets out, you are one helluva drunk! So? Who's our Alpha Drinker here? And of course, if there's something thats not on this list, feel free to send a suggestion...if you can remember...(Lifted from commonplace.com) 5 = Done it!

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Go on a drunken fishing trip with your pals. (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Open and close a bar. (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Send a friend a bottle of good liquor. (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Split a magnum of expensive champagne with your true love. (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Try at least one hundred different drinks. (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Extravagantly overtip a bartender. (3)  4.60 (5)   Rate It!
Get carried home by your drinking buddies. (4)  4.50 (4)   Rate It!
Drunk call a friend (Numbah) (2)  4.25 (4)   Rate It!
Embark on an impromptu road trip. (4)  4.20 (5)   Rate It!
Go to your place of worship loaded. (6)  4.00 (7)   Rate It!
Get drunk on the grave of your hero. (3)  4.00 (3)   Rate It!
Try absinthe. (3)  4.00 (3)   Rate It!
Walk up to an attractive stranger way out of your league and buy him or her a drink. (3)  4.00 (3)   Rate It!
Hit a dozen bars in one night. (5)  3.83 (6)   Rate It!
Fight a good fight. (4)  3.75 (4)   Rate It!
Give a hobo twenty bucks. (4)  3.75 (4)   Rate It!
Get loaded and tell your boss exactly how you feel. (3)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
Get loaded in the land of your forefathers. (3)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
Have a trusted friend discretely record your drunken escapades and share it only with you (blognaut) (3)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
Learn at least one traditional drinking song. (3)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
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