Things People May Assume About Others

Have we ever looked at the word "assume" to see what it really says? Put a hyphen after the second 's', and another hyphen after the 'u', and that should tell it all... because sometimes it does. Designed for a little "food for thought", this list is comprised of things that we may assume (sometimes falsely) about other people. Yes, I said "we", because I know I'm guilty of this myself. Rate 5 if you believe the item is almost always true (hopefully there won't be a lot of fives because that would be sad), and 1 if you believe it to be completely absurd. I'm open for suggestions... but please keep them clean.

Star Rating Scale: 1 = Total hogwash! / 2 = Too many people are misjudged on this. / 3 = Not necessarily true, but may be (people have so many different situations). / 4 = That might be true a great deal of the time. / 5 = That's the gospel truth (or almost)!

List added by MissPackRat4Jesus on 3/19/2007
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