Beginner's Alcohol Guide

Looking for an introduction to alcohol? You've come to the right place! Here you will find a list of 'the best' of the mainstream choices, and a place to ask questions that you're afraid to ask infront of your friends.

A lot of people say that different kinds of alcohol create different 'kinds' of drunk, or that different brands will effect your hangover in the morning. I disagree. You'll find that what you had before and during your drinking experience, combined with who you're with - and where - has everything to do with how you feel while drinking, and how you will feel afterwords. The kind of liquor matters not-so-much.

For example, cheap tequila is often considered to create a horrible hang over. However, you are much more likely to drink more of anything cheap. On top of this, tequila is one of the most popular drinks to take shots of.

When you add to this the fact that cheaper drinks are typically bought by less experienced drinkers, it is very hard to blame cheap tequila for a hang-over.

Star Rating Scale: 1 = Horrible Beginner Drink / 2 = Over-Rated or Over-Priced / 3 = A Safe Choice / 4 = A Stong Choice / 5 = Great Beginner Drink

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