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Gossip  (By MomsandpopscallmeJoe (12) on 09/14/2006)


This one is all about celebrity gossip. Brought to you by ya boi imapimp aka big pimpin aka big money... 5 = great gossip

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"K-Fed" has challenged WWE Champ John Cena to a wrestling match (3)  5.00 (3)   Rate It!
Im rooting for Jerry Springer to win Dancing With The Stars. (2)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
Osama Bin Laden and Whitney Houston!?? (2)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
Ron Isley of the R&B; group The Isley Brothers is in deep trouble with the IRS. (1)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
Ya gotta be kiddin' me. Paris Hilton wrecks her car again and she only gets 3 yrs probation?? (2)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
DMX is hatin' on Jay-Z... (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
It's been a rough time for Kevin Federline. Kevin and Britney are now divorced and Kevin Federline's album "Playing With Fire" only sold 6,500 copies!! (9)  4.89 (9)   Rate It!
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are over. (3)  4.75 (4)   Rate It!
The Rock or Dywane Johnson?? (2)  4.00 (2)   Rate It!
Animal backlash following Steve Irwin's death. (3)  3.75 (4)   Rate It!
Time Warner Cable is trying to get rid of the NFL Network. (2)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
Tom Cruise is crazy. (3)  3.50 (4)   Rate It!
Brad Pitt is a good lookin' playa... (4)  3.00 (4)   Rate It!
Barbie and Ken got a divorce, then people complained, and I think they are back together again. (2)  3.00 (2)   Rate It!
Im not a TNA fanboy but so far on 07' TNA>>>WWE... (1)  3.00 (1)   Rate It!
Paris Hilton in jail?? (2)  2.33 (3)   Rate It!
Who doesnt like American Idol?? (8)  2.13 (8)   Rate It!
Isiah Washington's days on Grey's Anatomy may be numbered... (3)  2.00 (3)   Rate It!
Rosie O' Donell: The Americn Idol judges are too mean." (6)  1.67 (6)   Rate It!
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