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What’s Your Pleasure?  (By Ridgewalker (118) on 08/11/2006)


To mark my one-year anniversary here on RIA, I have put together a list of one of my favorite subjects: VACATIONS! This may turn out to be the most comprehensive lists on vacations to be found in one place, anywhere. It covers all continents, all countries and all States and provinces in North America. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of age, or budget. If you’re looking, or just dreaming…you’ll find it here…from 20-minute vacations, to retreats…from bird-watching, to big game hunting…from castles, to camping, the world over. Have fun…leave comments and ratings. And, as always, suggestions are welcome! The related links under "Related Websites" on each page reach into every geographical area and aspect of travel and vacations on the planet, including Space Travel, and will be a great place to start planning any kind of travel or vacation! (Originally posted 08/06 and updated 04/07) 5 = Great!

Item (Reviews)RatingsShare Your Opinion
RV’ing (4)  5.00 (4)   Rate It!
Adventure or theme Vacations (skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, aquatics, jumping, boating, etc) (2)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
Film festivals (2)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
Hunting/fishing safari (2)  5.00 (2)   Rate It!
20-minute vacations (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Destination spas (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Retreats (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Theater weekend (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Visit with someone regardless of location (1)  5.00 (1)   Rate It!
Visit a foreign country (Culture, architecture, natural wonders, History, etc) (12)  4.92 (12)   Rate It!
Road trip with no destination and just go! (7)  4.86 (7)   Rate It!
Visit National Parks (7)  4.86 (7)   Rate It!
Camping (9)  4.67 (9)   Rate It!
The beach (thanks tracy) (9)  4.67 (9)   Rate It!
A resort as a destination (2)  4.67 (3)   Rate It!
See your state, country, or world by car (3)  4.67 (3)   Rate It!
Worldwide amusement/theme parks (3)  4.67 (3)   Rate It!
Space Travel (6)  4.50 (6)   Rate It!
Camera safari (2)  4.50 (2)   Rate It!
Nature Expeditions (2)  4.50 (2)   Rate It!
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