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People(aristotle)  (By Aristotle77 (27) on 08/06/2006)

Will you join into the discussion to analyze,preview some of the facts about people's origins tagged with their names sakes,regardless of where upon the geographical position lies.I had been around these two to three years going through thorough investigation and solo-research trying harder to obtain an accuracy revealing the "molecular structure of Adam family tree down to Noah" that contains the chronological records of our ancestry no matter how nowadays we are contentedly scattered on these theoretical names of "Tectonic Plates" as according to the revolution and Evolutionary.Open your mind to the people here and help to trace the facts about our genetical connections.Below here I have touched it slightly with the help of references from the Library books-worming.For me I chose Bible to had magnified everything we tend to know more about 'EPIC' of Man,but you can oppose the motion and bring your own concrete explanation contributed.Rate it in percentage from average 50s%-100s% sure as according to book of God.below 50% is someway poor prove of the facts.I began with Noah's sons descendents below,not sure it will make sense or not. 5 = 100s%

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