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Sexiest Sociologists of the 20th Century  (By DrEntropy (37) on 03/22/2006)

Sociology is generally recognized as the least successful intellectual discipline of the 20th Century (though philosophy runs a close second). Yet certain sociologists did contribute to the advance of human knowledge. Here are some candidates. The word 'sexy' is applied to their academic work, and used in the sense of 'highly appealing or interesting', not in the sense of physically attractive; under the later definition, few middle-aged/elderly academics would qualify at all, sadly. Suggestions are welcome. 5 = Irresistible Thinker

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Max Weber (2)  4.67 (3)   Rate It!
E. Digby Baltzell (1)  4.00 (1)   Rate It!
Perry Anderson (1)  4.00 (1)   Rate It!
Stanislav Andreski (1)  4.00 (1)   Rate It!
Emil Durkheim (3)  3.67 (3)   Rate It!
Randall Collins (1)  3.00 (1)   Rate It!
Georg Simmel (1)  2.00 (1)   Rate It!
Michael Mann (1)  2.00 (1)   Rate It!
Ernest Gellner (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!
Norbert Elias (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!
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