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My criticisms of modern historic movies: Saving Private Ryan  (By PzKpfw VI E (26) on 02/13/2006)

This may evolve into other lists about other movies, but for the first part, I well only talk about one of the more popular war, or otherwise, movies of our time. This is not intended to discredit the movie in any way, simply a list created to see what others believe is tolerable or intolerable in a movie that is suppose to be fiction, but is deeply rooted in a historical interpretation. They may not all be right, they may not all be wrong, its just what you believe. These are simply mistakes I saw/think I saw, so if you know there are more, recommendations are welcomed. 5 = Strongly Agree
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'Flash/Thunder' identification phrase mistakingly changed to 'Thunder/Flash' (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
A bullets ability to travel through the water and continue to be lethal (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
After the Tiger is disabled by sticky bomb, Miller simply puts his Thompson into the driver’s window and fires. In reality, that window was protected, and impenetrable by small arms fire (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
American paratroopers are easily able to open a German tank commander's hatch; a hatch that was locked from the inside (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
As Jackson is in the bell tower, he has the ability to get off 7 or 8 shots from his Springfield 03’ without reloading before he dies. A Springfield only had a five round capacity (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
German troops are seen entering a village directly behind German tanks, but this was very much a Allied (American and Soviet especially) tactic, not a German one (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
Helmet markings of the 101st Paratroopers seem to be inaccurate (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
Most of the Americans have full heads of hair, yet oddly enough, there really is no German that isn’t complete shaved. Skinheads reference anyone? (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
Near the very end, when Ryan and Miller are able to use mortar rounds without the tube, yet have 100% success rate while throwing them. The rounds have to land directly on their top to detonate, which would not happen 100% of the time (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The fact that Jackson was able to change to a larger scope and shoot with complete accuracy without pre-sighting of any kind. (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The Germans deploy light armoured Marder IIIs into an urban setting and with their covers off (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The Germans left such an obvious outpost or offensive position like a high bell tower untouched with no pre-bombardment. (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The last part of the movie deals with 2 encounters with the Germans, both being battles between the Americans and the 2nd SS Panzer Division, a unit which didn’t reach Normandy until some time after the invasion. (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The P-51 used in the movie does not seem to have bomb attachments on its under belly (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The so called 'Rabbit' (German staff and supply car 'Kettenkrad') has 7. Flieger Division markings, a unit that was non-existent as early as 1943 (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
The wooden ramps in the Normandy scene are generally facing the wrong direction (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
Tigers tank are shown in Normandy during the last battle, supposively on June 13th (as stated on Miller’s grave stone). But, Pzkpfw. VIs didn’t enter the American sector of Normandy until the end of June (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
Tom Hanks seems too old to be a WW2 captain (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
When Miller goes to retrieve Upham, another staff officer tells him about a large buildup in the French city of Nouville. A large buildup in Nouville never occurred (0)  0.00 (0)   Rate It!Get Rating Widget!
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