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Songs you never want to hear ever again.  (By Indierocker (61) on 01/09/2006)

This is in regards to the overplayed songs on typical "oldies" and "Classic Rock" stations as well as some `80's stations. From worned out overplayed "classics" such as "My Girl" to the infamous "Stairway To Heaven". I've also included a list of songs which have been played to death on Modern Rock/Alternative Rock formats as well. It's O.K to want to play the song on your own CD player ad infinitum, but do radio stations have to do this for you? I prefer a Freeform format where the DJ chooses music you may not have heard of and exposes you to new artists, or songs by old and obscure ones. Here are some sites which I highly recommend: Here's some links which may be of interest to you http://woxy.lala.com/ http://www.beyondthebeatgeneration.com/ http://www.ugly-things.com/ http://turnmeondeadman.net/index.html turnmeondeadman.net has a garage/psych database on it's site located in the features section at: http://www.turnmeondeadman.net/ADM/GPC/GPCMain.html beyondthebeatgeneration, which is my current favorite 24/7 online station plays obscure `60's Garage, Beat, and Psych. also, there's Bill Kelly's show on WFMU sundays from 3-5 pm est his shows are archived at:http://wfmu.org/playlists/TW also, theres www.beyondthebeatgeneration.com which plays `60's Garage and Psych 24/7 for broadband users, just copy this url and you'll be listening immediately. 5 = Destroy all copies

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I'm in Love with a Stripper - T-Pain (2)  4.83 (6)   Rate It!
Brittany Spears-Baby One More Time (10)  4.60 (20)   Rate It!
My Own Worst Enemy-Lit (2)  4.56 (9)   Rate It!
Feelings - Morris Albert (20)  4.55 (29)   Rate It!
Send The Pain Below-Chevelle (3)  4.50 (10)   Rate It!
Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta (1)  4.33 (6)   Rate It!
Lose yourself-Eminem (1)  4.20 (5)   Rate It!
Outside-Staind with Fred Durst (5)  4.17 (12)   Rate It!
With Arms Wide Open-Creed (12)  4.15 (20)   Rate It!
Hanky Panky-Tommy James And The Shondells (1)  4.11 (9)   Rate It!
Missy Elliot-Work It (9)  4.06 (16)   Rate It!
Ain't too proud to beg-Temptations (2)  4.00 (6)   Rate It!
Your Mama Don't Dance-Loggins and Messina (3)  3.93 (15)   Rate It!
The Worst That Could Happen-Brooklyn Bridge (5)  3.92 (13)   Rate It!
Indiana Wants Me- R.D Taylor (6)  3.92 (12)   Rate It!
Alive-Pearl Jam (2)  3.90 (10)   Rate It!
We Built This City on Rock and Roll - Starship (8)  3.89 (18)   Rate It!
All Apologies-Nirvana (1)  3.89 (9)   Rate It!
Afternoon Delight-Starland Vocal Band (5)  3.87 (15)   Rate It!
Get It Together-The Youngbloods (1)  3.86 (7)   Rate It!
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