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People you find in traffic  (By numbah16tdhaha (136) on 04/25/2005)

Rate these rush hour staples. 5 = Great

Item (Reviews)RatingsShare Your Opinion
The nose picker (13)  4.46 (13)   Rate It!
The fool who steers with his/her knees because he/she is eating. (4)  4.25 (4)   Rate It!
Crazy guy who stands at the side of the road talking to himself (9)  4.22 (9)   Rate It!
Old person going slow in the fast lane (9)  3.67 (9)   Rate It!
Bad motorcyclist (6)  3.67 (6)   Rate It!
"T.J. from A.J." (I'll explain!) (4)  3.50 (4)   Rate It!
The make-up lady (4)  3.50 (4)   Rate It!
Tool in the BMW, ect., who uses car as a substitute for his, well, you get it, right? (4)  3.25 (4)   Rate It!
Wannabe street racer (6)  3.17 (6)   Rate It!
The bumper humper (tailgater) (7)  3.14 (7)   Rate It!
The Cell Phone user! (6)  3.14 (7)   Rate It!
Parent who can't hold a lane because they are yelling at the kids (4)  3.00 (4)   Rate It!
The company car who isn't scared of anything. (3)  3.00 (3)   Rate It!
Truck Driver with Falling Objects (4)  2.00 (4)   Rate It!
Truck Driver with Falling Objects (1)  2.00 (1)   Rate It!
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