Little things to love about sports

Little things to love about sports

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Parade to the Post (0)  4.67 (3)   Rate It!
Funny or semi-obscure fan signs at the game (2)  4.50 (2)   Rate It!
"Gentlemen, Start your engines." (0)  4.33 (3)   Rate It!
Sudden Death Overtime (7)  4.20 (10)   Rate It!
Shirt exchange at the end of international soccer games (2)  4.11 (9)   Rate It!
Extra Innings (6)  3.75 (8)   Rate It!
Bleacher Fans throwing opposing home runs back (5)  3.60 (10)   Rate It!
Green Jacket at the Masters (3)  3.57 (7)   Rate It!
Baseball Fights (10)  3.33 (12)   Rate It!
Old Classic Ballparks (4)  3.10 (10)   Rate It!
Victory Lap with checkered flag (1)  3.00 (5)   Rate It!
Baseball managers in uniform (3)  2.75 (4)   Rate It!
New Classic Ballparks (2)  2.25 (4)   Rate It!
Ritual Lineup Exchange in Baseball (0)  2.00 (2)   Rate It!
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