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I am a rocker at heart, my FAVE band of all time is Muse, then comes Keane, Oasis, Coldplay, and way more!!!!! In fact, you should check out my MySpace www.myspace.com/victoriaclairepretoria. Though you'll have to add me first too see my page cos I'm a minor/whatever. I like to hang out with my friends, listen to music, watch Top Gear and Brainiac, and lotsa other things. Oh, and I want to learn how to play the guitar, piano, and drums.

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Music, MatthewBellamy, Muse, RichardHammond, TopGear, Brainiac

Favorite Music & Artists:

Muse (I think you know that already), Oasis, Keane, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Greenday, Paulo Nutini, The Zutons, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Jet, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Snow Patrol, Yellowcard, All American Rejects, Monday Morning, Placebo, My Chemical Romance, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Panic! at the Disco, Avenged Sevenfold, Stereophonics, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, 16 Stitch, Coldplay, Nickelback, Billy Talent, Artic Monkeys, Audioslave, The Panic Channel, and many more....

Favorite Books & Authors:

J R R Tolkien, Anothony Horowitz, J D Salinger, the author of Lolita (sorry, I forgot his name)

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Top Gear, Brainiac: Science Abuse, Blackaddder, Alan Partridge, Lost, Alias, 3 Non Blondes, Absolutely Fabulous, and loadsa other stuff from the Beeb(not that I like them very much personally, but) and some other stuff if you have DSTV, you know what I'm talkin' bout. Oh, and of course, MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Web Sites:

http://www.myspace.com (external link) 
http://www.youtube.com (external link) 
http://www.muse.mu (external link) 

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