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666 days ago

I think he's a mediocre actor who's found the perfect niche: "intelligent" movies that rely more on script and storyline than acting. He did a perfectly fine job in movies like Michael Clayton and Ides of March, but I honestly don't think of those as challenging roles. They could have been, as those characters were definitely "conflicted" in certain ways, but he did the bare minimum. If he's ever pushed himself, it was in the Ocean's movies; I only say that because humor clearly does not come naturally to him.

In short, Clooney will never be a Bale or a Nicholson. But if he sticks to his niche -- a niche I happen to like a lot -- he will continue to make oodles of money.

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796 days ago

Comment Icon sperryc commented on a review of Bank of America in Banks:
Update -- Many weeks later, BOA sent me a certified check for $300. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for that. But I would bet $600 that they never found or cashed the check I deposited. This is the sort of inefficiency that would not survive in a truly open, competitive market.

796 days ago

One critic wrote: "If Ferrell isn't careful, he's going to become a real actor." That's pretty much on the money.

Everything Must Go wasn't the slapstick comedy I thought I was signing up for but with Ferrell, you know you will laugh -- and I did, at times.

Overall, though, this is a somber tale of an alcoholic who, in rapid succession, loses his job and his marriage. You might not laugh as much as you'd like, but you will be struck by Ferrell's skill as an actor. I guarantee it.

Recommended rental.

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912 days ago

This is a movie worth seeing if you appreciate Bale's ability to play people who are semi-functional but constantly on the brink of self-destruction (see: American Psycho; The Fighter).

This is a fairly simple story about a 26-year-old vet (Bale), his buddy, and their Los Angeles job search. Bale's character suffers from what appears to be a bad case of post-traumatic stress, which borders on socio- and/or psychopathology. He's constantly on the brink of wreaking total havoc on the people around him, including his doting girlfriend and his best friend.

Cool side-themes include: loyalty -- how much will you tolerate from your best friend? National security -- what sorts of brutal, covert ops and military operations do our tax dollars fund overseas?

This isn't a movie for everyone, but for what it is, it's well done.

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912 days ago

Comment Icon sperryc commented on a review of Harsh Times in Drama Movies:
Awesome review. Right on the money.

916 days ago

Comment Icon sperryc commented on a review of Bank of America in Banks:
Good advice. I went to a branch with the receipt from my deposit and they're (supposedly) working on it. Glad I didn't plan on having quick access to that money.

I wish I were surprised by the foreclosure story, but I'm not.

917 days ago

Comment Icon sperryc commented on a review of Bank of America in Banks:
2 trips to a 2 different BOA "banking centers" and 1+ hrs on the phone with customer service later, we've made no progress on figuring out where my $300 deposit went, or whether / when BOA decided to close my account w/o telling me.

This is a laughable operation. I used to work in wealth management for BOA, but I'm taking it off my resume. And I'll spare you any more rants about BOA. I'm done.

917 days ago


On the phone with customer service for 35 minutes and counting. BOA can't figure out whether I have an account with them. They have no record of a recent $300 deposit I made. There is something fundamentally wrong with this picture. Getting transferred for a third time.


When I switched to Ally Bank, BOA literally wouldn't allow me to close my BOA checking account. I asked them how to do it and they said that I wasn't allowed. Since then, without telling me, they closed it themselves. Somehow, I was still able to deposit a check at a BOA ATM yesterday. Now, I'm told by BOA customer service, I'm going to have to visit the branch nearest that ATM "to see if I can get the check back." You can't make this stuff up.


As soon as BOA refunds me the fees that were assessed because of mistakes on their end, I'm taking my money and going elsewhere. In my rush to get out, I'm literally rolling the dice on a bank I've never heard of (Ally). I'm that dissatisfied.

There was a time when a nice online banking platform (like BOA's) was reason enough to stay with a bank. That time is ancient history. They're all good now. I will not miss BOA, nor the hours I spend on the phone with their friendly but mistake-prone customer service reps (who do not communicate with each other).

Don't get me started on TARP.


I do all of my banking, including all of my credit card business, with BOA, and I would have rated BOA a 5 prior to the 2009 xmas shopping season -- which is when BOA's customer service department decided to make a Scrooge out of me.

Long story short: multiple mistakes, lapses in communication, and a hair-trigger fraud detection service on BOA's end are holding up delivery of my xmas presents until 2010. The several hours I spent being bounced around from customer service rep to customer service rep weren't enough to remedy the problem.

In fairness, aside from its less-than-perfect customer service department, BOA does have a lot to offer: competitive APRs; free checking; online banking services (including what's proven to be idiot-proof bill payment, etc.) that are widely considered to be second to none; a nice rewards program; etc.

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921 days ago

****5/8/11 Update: It's early in the season, but it's hard not to get excited about this team, which continues to steamroll the competition despite its many injuries. The pitching staff is downright scary. Setting Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels aside, you have some extremely viable number fives in Blanton, Kendrick (who made a nice debut against ATL last night) and Worley. The bullpen has withstood injuries to Lidge, Contreras, and Romero exceedingly well. Bastardo has been lights out, and Madson remains consistent.

On offense, Howard's shortened swing and new stance, closer to the plate, has meant a higher batting average and more opposite-field hits. Polanco, a hit machine, is batting close to .400. Ben Francisco has been brilliant at the plate, mitigating the pain of losing Werth. Mayberry, Jr. has incredible pop in his bat. Rollins is running the bases again. In short, we have more than enough offense to give teeth to our pitching.

Go Phils.

****10/16/08 Update:  Oh my Lord, I haven't rated my Phillies in four years.  And oh my Lord, we're in the World Series.

It's looking more and more like we'll face off against the Rays next week, which is daunting.  But the Phils are on fire.  Starting with the bullpen, Lidge remains perfect, tacking 6 post-season saves onto his regular-season tally of 41.  Our middle relievers, Madsen, Romero, Durbin, et al., are some of the best in the business.  Phils still haven't lost a game when they led going into the 7th.  Our starters are winning games.  Between Cole's consistently nasty stuff, Brett's decision to revert to his dominance of old, and Blanton's machine-like ability to go deep in games, it appears we have a 1-2-3 capable of doing some damage.  But it helps that our offense is deep--so deep that we had no trouble advancing w/o the help of our big bats (Howard and Utley) for much of the post-season thus far.  Victorino, the Flyin Hawaiian, deserves special mention.  He seems to have turned it on this post-season, getting the clutch, late-inning 2-run homer to tie Game 4 against LA, and making some gravity-defying catches in center field.  And he's lost no class in the process, telling Furcal to keep his head up after botching 3 critical plays at shortstop and explaining during a press conference that he had no beef with Kuroda despite some head-hunting. 

I could go on all day.  Go Phils.

***8/18/04 Update: The Phillies have dropped 5 in a row now, are 2-8 over their last 10 games, and are in 5th place (6 games back) in the wild card race. Bowa isn't totally to blame (Burrell, Wagner, Millwood, and Madsen are all injured and badly missed), but he still has to go. This is a team that, 5 months ago, popular opinion had taking the division without breaking a sweat. 4 -albeit key- injuries shouldn't ruin our chances like this. That said, I still haven't lost hope. **5/20/04 Update: If Burrell continues to hit well, and if Wagner can stay healthy once he's off the DL, I think the Phillies have as good a shot at going all the way as any team in the league. *OC: I've been a loyal fan for my entire life. Some of my fondest all-time best sports-related memories are of sitting in the nose-bleed seats at the Vet during the '93 play-offs. There are times when I find myself wondering about some trade incentives but all in all, I have never lost respect for the fightin's. I may be a minority on this one... 

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921 days ago

I'm really enjoying In The Name of Honor and liked The Spire and Exile. It's clear that Patterson was at one time a skilled trial attorney and it's refreshing to read courtroom dramas that are vaguely realistic. Patterson has a knack for character development that other prolific writers of fiction lack and that keeps the reader involved.

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