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Welcome to RateItAll's website directory. In this section, you can browse ratings and reviews of many of the web's top sites. If you are a website owner, you may submit your site to this directory - at no charge - by drilling down to the appropriate sub category and clicking the link in the left hand margin. We will not accept your site if it is not ranked in the Alexa or Quantcast top 100,000.

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1 hour ago

I never thought that you can earn from sharing bookmarks and it is true that Infopirate will share their revenue. It is good to know that you can even make money from your bookmarks. It is easy to register. They will immediately send you a confirmation email after you register and start posting. You will also add your AdsenseID and the nice thing is that 80% of the revenue your bookmarks make is totally yours. I like the 10% referral bonus of this site also.
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2 hours ago

the warranty is a joke. took our van there to get it fixed. they broke a part while fixing it. charging my husband for that piece and overpriced shitty labor costs. van still not fixed and we owe $500. when we brought it in we were told that we would owe $75. Crooks, liars and criminals. Dont buy at carmax dont get their warranty. Shop elsewhere or you'll be sorry.
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8 hours ago

Everything is OK. Smooth transaction.
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13 hours ago

This is true that HubPages has easy-to-use publishing tools. Your hubs are your written articles and after publishing them, you will know the statistics if the traffic of your hubs are rising, falling, have broken links, deleted, not published or need revision. The site will tell you who's driving your traffic (very helpful) and they've listed the top 30 sites that are referring traffic to your hubs with a minimum of 5 referrals. They have Hub Groups as a tool that can help you organize your hubs to make navigation easy. They also have a well-organized author community and very good revenue-maximizing infrastructure. Hubbers (writers) who are referred to as HubPages authors can earn money by publishing their Hubs on topics they know and like, and earn recognition among other Hubbers through the community HubScore ranking system. The site provides a search-friendly infrastructure which drives traffic to Hubs from search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and enables Hubbers to earn revenue from advertising companies such as Google AdSense, Kontera, and the eBay and Amazon and in order to get paid from them, you'll need to become an affiliate of those companies. All of this is provided free to Hubbers. They also allow you to generate ongoing revenue if you refer new writers and the more, high-quality writers you bring into the site, the greater your royalties and the more earnings you'll receive. They will even allow you to link your other written articles from other sites as long as it is related to the new hub you are writing. I have three hubs and I can easily check my earnings. HubPages is truly helpful to their Hubbers (writers) and I believe that they are committed to providing a very rewarding online publishing experience to anyone who loves to write.
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14 hours ago

The site has many bells and whistles, but when it comes to maintaining the *members* of the site, I give ff.net an F-. There is rampant plagiarism that is never dealt with (from published novels, even!), the members get away with posting pornographic, slanderous language on their profiles about other members (case in point, this particular member: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1310044/#) where anyone can read it, despite their supposedly no-porn policy (I guess that doesn't include the public profiles). Worse, no matter how often people like this are reported, the administrators, who are responsible for keeping the site user-friendly (especially the *underage* users) refuse to do anything about it.

Frankly, it's disgusting. There are better fanfiction archives out there, such as mediaminer.org, where the admins actually know how to do their jobs and keep riffraff like that off their site.
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16 hours ago

If you want to see the variety of used cars sold in the market today, this site is where you should go. Since the cars are classified accordingly, I can chose which brands and corresponding models I want to see. The sorting options too are quite easy. I can choose whether to arrange the results in terms of price or the date the auction ends. Plus, they don't "sales talk" you through it. I bet your local car dealers never saw this one coming...
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20 hours ago

I recently booked a flight to New York with Travelocity. I booked the flight with the intention that there was a chance I would have to cancel the trip. I purchased the travel insurance that was offered thinking this would cover me in case my intuition was right and I had to cancel. It turns out there are many stipulations on the travel insurance and you need to be very careful when reading the fine print on what is covered for canceling the trip. I was not able to cancel even with a doctors note and now need to work with travelocity to transfer the credit. Lesson learned.....use Travelocity but don't buy the travel insurance!!!
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21 hours ago

I've used Entirely Pets for two years, for prescription and non-prescription meds, as well as supplements, toys, and treats. They were always great; no problems -- but something's going on there; now they seem to be falling apart! I sent an order which included a new Rx as well as a refill of an existing Rx -- they told me my vet hadn't sent the new Rx. I'd watched him fax it, and told them so. So they admitted that they did have it, and said they'd fill the order. A short time later, they sent me an e-mail telling me that they couldn't refill the existing prescription because it wasn't existing. They'd already filled this prescription three times, and there were still three refills left. I faxed them their own label showing this, and they admitted that they did indeed have it, and that they would fill it.

Then came the tennis balls for the dogs. The ones I'd ordered were too big, so I arranged to return them and purchase smaller ones. They gave me an RMA (Return Merchandise) number, and I sent the package with USPS tracking, which showed the successful receipt at their office. They refuse to admit receipt, although I've sent them copies of the USPS delivery notice, as they requested. We e-mailed back & forth several times, but as soon as I sent the requested copies, they suddenly cut off communication. It's been three months now, and clearly they won't ever give me my refund. They also still give me no response, although my last letter to them said I'd be leaving them for good if they didn't at least answer me.

I'm really sad that they've fallen so far, but I can't trust them anymore.
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This was my first encounter using eCrater! I wish that I had seen this review section prior to using the site. It is a wonderful site for vendors to set up and advertise their business; however, it does not screen or follow those who are not ethical! Buyers be ware!!!!! There is nothing to protect you/your money!!! I placed my order 4/18/09. According to the vendors site under shipping it stated "every order will receive a confirmation email and tracking number once the item was sent"; however, I have not received that tracking number or the merchandise. I did receive an email stating that my merchandise was sent on 5/19/09 and unless it was sent by pony express-I suspect that I was scammed. It is now June 3rd! Prior to the vendor receiving payment, the vendor would respond to email communication. Now they do not respond to emails requesting the missing tracking number that was advertised on the site! Now it's about principle for me, that this site does not police the vendors who post and take advantage of people buying from this site. There are some really dishonest people that are not held up to any ramifications if they do not do what they advertise. I can see why some of the vendors love this site, they have no ramifications if they are looking to take money and not provide the services. I feel sorry for the honest people out there who do hold up to an ethical work standard; however, from the reviews it looks like I am not alone in my experience. Warning, Bags Galore Travel has not held up to their end of the bargin!!! They got paid, but I have yet to receive the Bag!!!!!
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This site contains essentially all that you need to know to protect your digital world. It also offers a free guide that lets you learn practically everything about protecting your system, your data and your indentity on the web. You can also use their free download to run a health-check on your online security practices and keep your data defenses up to date. Pretty solid stuff. Check it out...
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