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Car Electronics

How many times were you ALMOST killed by your GPS navigator (you know, the one that tells you to turn onto oncoming traffic every now and then)? Review the charms and the hazards of GPS devices, as well as other little electronic gadgets for the car.

Recent Happenings

4 days ago

This GPS looks pretty good and really useful. We had a long trip recently, not even a single place it got stuck, very clear navigation. Amazing screen clarity and accuracy. It is user friendly and we got used to this GPS in couple of days. Garmin is really the best brand for GPS. No denial in this aspect.
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56 days ago

Tiny, hard to see symbols. The "voice" is a garbled hysterical British accent.
The only tech support phone number is in Scotland or England.
There are two websites but they both go nowhere, only show the same
information that's on the box it came in.
My rating? NFG

Garmin has a full GPS with red light camera detection.
Cobra is coming out with one in the near future
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112 days ago

The Sirius Sportster 5 is the direct result of putting two turds together with crazy glue.
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112 days ago

Review Icon jgls reviewed Sirius in Satellite Radio:
Avoid Sirius like bubonic plague. I would rather sit through an eternity of fingernails on a chalkboard than to have to deal with Sirius ever again.
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134 days ago

So easy to use and read. I love it!
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140 days ago

I got this unit (tomtom 125) for myself as a Christmas present.

Hey, for under 100 dollars, it's not perfect but it gets the basic job done. If you follow its directions you get there eventually and usually via the shortest time route.

It takes a little long to acquire satellites, but that's not a constant every time. In my bedroom with one window it can acquire sats instantly, but in the car turn it on and it can take a minute or longer to acquire. Go figure.

All the complaints from others about it lacking this and lacking that -- come on people - what did you think you were going to get for under a hundred bucks?

If you just need help finding streets and navigating a simple way around town or out of town, this unit will work just fine.

I've been happy with it. Would recommend it to anyone just looking for street names and how to get there. If you want all the stuff to track and land the space shuttle, then go buy a car with a built in 2000 dollar nav system and stop whining. ;- )
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144 days ago

Garmin continues to stay ahead of the pack with some of the best auto gps products and technology. I like this one because it tells you when to change lanes and shows you what direction to turn. No more missing exits! This one has it all, including hands-free bluetooth calling.

The Bluetooth handsfree calling is great because you do not have to look at your phone to see who is calling as it flashes on the screen their name and number if it is in your phones address book. When you pair the unit with your phone it automatically uploads your contacts info into the GPS. It is also great when you want to make a handsfree call.

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178 days ago

When someone calls in on my 760, they say the echo and sound is extremely bad. I can't even use the feature. Is there any solution?
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178 days ago

This is the neatest product. I just plugged it in to charge it and turned it on, bingo I had the map and my location right in front. Very responsive to inputs and simple to operate. I'll never accept a factory installed gps again. This unit is all one needs at 1/5 the cost.
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178 days ago

I upgraded to the 255w from an older 200w and I am happy I did. The newer models connect so much faster than the older one did. I recently moved to Phoenix and need the garmin to get around and it has done wonders. It doesn't know all the places - like a brand new Target that has only been there a short time - but none of the GPS units will. At least 95% of the time it is spot on and that is fantastic with me. I bought the 255w because I wanted the Where am I feature should I ever get stranded and need to call for help but have no idea where I am. It is a great product for little money. Tremendously satisfied.
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