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799 days ago

A few years ago I came down with a horrible urinary tract infection that went septic, caused me so much confusion I ended up in a car accident. A few days later I believe I thought I was driving myself to the hospital and somehow ended up here. I was told that later. No, it wasn't drugs or alcohol, fellas, I nearly died in the hospital a few days later. Anyway, so I ends up getting thrown out which is no big deal, but it was completely disrespectful. I wouldn't recommend this place to my dog. Maybe what everyone else is saying is true. Too many drugs in this place. You get jacked for no reason at all.

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849 days ago

Not sure what the place is like inside, but DO know that there have been two shootings in the parking lot (in the rear) in less than two months with one man shot. This parking lot, because it is shielded from being seen from Blanding by the building, has become a hangout for party-ers that do not even go into the business. Drug dealing/ using is on the rise as the criminal element fights to take over this nice neighborhood. JSO is called by the neighbors anytime the noise from the parking lot exceeds the city ordinance allowance, and when the law is broken. It is a shame that this business is being ruined by a few punks. This neighborhood will fight this criminal element until we are rid of them.

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854 days ago

this is a nice little bar to enjoy a beer and dance and was very happy and keep returning even the bartender at night is hott and shendances too!!!! The owner has done alot in the past 6 month to improve for the customers

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857 days ago

good afternoon my name is jean stallworth and I would love to talk to you about opening my own club.but I have no clue as to how to get started in the business.I am very good with people and I have worked in clubs for a very long time and now I want to have my own.when you cater to men what can I expect to run into while trying to open this club.

the buildings out by the beaches would it be a good location for my club now what does it take to open one up I see that there is a growing business to get into now the women cant dance nude around liquer or is it partely free to do as they please I aure you I am very serious about this business adventure so if you would please call me so we can meet if this is alright with you that we meet so you can tell me what it takes to open my club.

the thing is I dont want you to get mad at me that I wish to have my own business this is in my blood.I have always worked in clubs you know and I just want one of my own the women how do I go about getting started is the prosses hard do I just advertise that I want my own club and holding auditions .for the women to come and show me what they have.do I look for all of them as far as the race.what is the most desired.is it the white woman the best way to go.and is beach blvd the place or can I venture out with women of color.

Will you call me please this is very important to me. the sooner I get the info the more I want to get into the night life so call me again I wish to speak with you tell me im not craz.the licens do I pay right away or dose the city zoner need to aprove the building and the parking lotts safty.please just call me so we can talk(904)693-0150home phone then (904)662-6373.thank you so very much again

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928 days ago

it was like being in a movie , work Girl$$$$$$$$$$$$

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985 days ago

if your used to large strip clubs this one isnt it, the girls look bored but only beacause no one is tipping. i know i wouldnt wanna do my job if i wasnt getting paid for it either, the ladies are very attractive and i didnt see one fat girl. this club gets a 3 only because the crowed was dead and cheap and no alcohol is allowed! if u wanna have fun here take a group of friends, 100 bucks, and a light buzz.

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1013 days ago

3 stars

-- Sent from my Palm Prē

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1042 days ago

Good club. Was slow when I went but it was still worth it. The girls are quite attractive and friendly. You had your typical girls who were all business, but there were a few, Eve in particular, who were very friendly and it was a refreshing change. Eve is a rare combination of beauty and personality and she is a great dancer as well. She is smart and funny and if you go, she alone will make it worth your while. If you go be sure to give her a chance, you will not be disappointed!!!!

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1049 days ago


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1074 days ago

Too many drugs in this place. The owner and door men seems to let it go on. Several girls do more than dance depending on the price. Some drug deals are very noticeable some of the girls spend a lot of time in the rest room and dressing room two and three at a time. Drug dealers are in and out of this club. This place needs to be closed and cleaned up. A few of the girls are pushing drugs for their boyfriends.

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