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203 days ago

Simple honest truth, had engine serviced, remanufactured, bad knocking heard when picked up, had it towed back to shop, they made a mistake and repaired it but did not cover towing. Next pick up of car and transmission shifted hard, cruise control failed, speedometer bounced and engine lurched when placed in reverse. They refused to address it, claimed it was something else or bad engine/trans mounts. We took it elsewhere and had the mounts replaced, no improvement, then one day while preparing the engine for cleaning I found a disconnected wire harness hidden from view under insulation and behind both exhaust and engine mount, reconnected it and discovered the transmission shifted properly, speedometer did not bounce, engine stopped lurching and the cruise control worked, I was so happy, until the next day when the computer forced the transmission into "limp mode". Then it was time to take it to Ford for diagnostics and learned that disconnecting the transmission destroyed the bands, they educated me that the computer regulates the hydraulic pressure and without input of speed or which gear the transmission was in, the computer was unable to control the pressure applied and gave it full pressure all the time resulting in hard shifts and useless accessories. Unable to afford another costly repair, I drove it until it broke a band and does not shift out of first gear anymore. Had Power Exchange/Precision Machine Service stopped treating me like an idiot and listened for a minute, took a second look or had known about electronic shift transmissions this would not have happened. I will keep posting this and it will get deleted again, but I will never stop telling people about my experience and exactly what and how I learned about it.

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466 days ago

This rating pertains to the great service performance by Jacksonville Powersports service team and the work they have done to my bike. I have moved here three years ago and purchased their motorcycle maintenance service plan. I have no regrets. The plan saved me several hundreds of dollars and would highly recommend to anybody in the area with a bike to purchase their maintenance plans to keep your bike in excellent condition. The last time I had service done, my bike drove better than brand new and looked brand new :) when I came to pick it up.

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811 days ago

Let me start by saying today is June 8, 2011 and the folks at Jacksonville Power Sports have had my motorcycle in the repair shop since March 5, 2011 and it still isn't fixed. The only thing I have received from Jacksonville Power Sports is a run around, broken promises, ever increasing repair costs and a total lack of customer service. In fact only twice have they bother to call me with updates, both times after I called them. Now I am left wondering if they will even come close the quote they gave me for the total repair bill or if my motorcycle will ever be properly repaired. I've been told they had some turn over issues with their staff but come on people, over three months and you still can get things together, sounds like there needs to be a turn over in management. Especially when I called to speak to a manager today and was told no one will be there until the afternoon. As such I guess the next step will be to file a formal complaint with the Jacksonville Better Business Bureau and/or seek the services of legal counsel, as I am not going to get ripped off, at least not without a fight. Point of this review is to WARN others not to trust these people to service anything, go some place else if you value your time and hard earned money or get ready to be taken for a long ride to nowhere.

Update 6/10/2011: I was told by the shop that my bike will be ready next week, will see what the final bill comes to but from what I was told on Wednesday, it sounds like the final bill will be close to what was quoted to me about a month ago, if that is true and if the bike apprears to be properly repaired (the most critical part of the whole experience) then I may upgrade my opinon rating, as I did by one star today. Of course my rating will never be high due to the lack of communication I experienced but at least there may be hope I will finally have my bike back.

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927 days ago

Great Carburetor Company! Bought two from them five years ago and still running strong. Just bought another one for my new Chevy. Never had a problem with them. Great Service.

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957 days ago

Don't trust! They'll sell you a discombobulator if you let 'em. Their latest thing now is to push 'fuel injection cleaning' (for $69.99+). When asked if it is necessary, they insist it is and will tell you it is recommended by the car manufacturer. This is blatantly NOT TRUE and can actually harm your engine. This is a big scam that is happening at many quick lube types of places. Check out "The Car Guys" on this topic or do basic internet research--you'll see that what I say here is true.

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1016 days ago

The folks at JPS are top notch. They went out of their way to help me find a part that was no longer available and installed it for free. You don't find that kind of service anymore. Thanks JPS!

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1019 days ago

Takes entirely too long. They are in no hurry. Took months for a simple repair and I still believe they over charged me.

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1021 days ago

I recently purchased an atv from these guys and they were great to work with. They made the the process really simple for me and my wife. They even got us financed when we werent sure we'd qualify. Would definitely reccomend shopping here. Their prices were the best around by the way. GREAT PLACE TO SHOP!!

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1022 days ago

Horrible, horrible service. They made me pick up my jet skis which I brought to them intact. I picked them up and had to bring a box for the parts they did not put back in. They had my jet skis for over six weeks. The skis had less than 35 hours on them and they said it would cost over $4000.00! This was after a month in their shop and I am just getting this news?

I called concerned and they said oh no mistake. It would be $2000 for the repairs and they would have the skis back to me in two weeks. Then I get a call on the second week. They want more money. They've found another major repair needed! These skis had less than 35 hours on them!!!!

I complained about the time, the money and the fact that they kept telling me we will call you back and then they never did. Well my complaints made the manger Jeff mad. He told me to come pick up my jet skis! I said what? He said he didn't want to deal with me anymore.

I spoke with the owner who said he isn't there but part time and he doesn't get involved. He went along with Jeff! He made no apologies for the six weeks in and absolutely nothing done. He made no apologies for the lack of follow thru.

So--after 6 weeks I picked up my jet skis. Mind you not one repair was done on them after six weeks. That should tell you something right there. Second when I picked up my jet skis one of them was all apart. They tossed the parts back into the ski and the rest was in a box!

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1032 days ago

I worked with Mullner Discount for over 23 years before closing its' doors.
My Name is Dan Martin and I am now currently with KSI out of Orlando, FL
I can be reached @ 1-877-212-8658 M-F 9a - 5p eastern time.

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