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949 days ago

Worst store in the Nashville area. My husband bought a Lenovo Netbook four months ago. Took it back 2 times because he could not connect to a 2wire gateway that is needed for his job. This is suppose to be the big dog on the block of dsl modems/routers. Customer service department and manager do not have a clue why this will not work. It will work one time at a job and the next job it will not. He bought a years warranty so that if anything happen he would be able to get it fixed. Since, they cannot find out why it will only work sometimes and not others they said that they could not exchange it for another product because it has been four months. What good is a warranty if you cannot use it. We think that the money that was spent on the warranty should be refunded. Warranty with this company is a big joke. It's just a way for them to make more money for a service that they do not plan of providing. We are in the business and know that every electronic product comes with at least a two year warranty and sometimes three.

We will pass our experience with this company on to all of our customers and friends. Our company is know as a One Stop Shop. Remember, if people get the word out there that this company does not back or know how to work on the items that they sell, stop/or do not buy from this company. We the people can put bad businesses out of business.

Randy/Kathy Haney

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1006 days ago

Remember, you can't judge a book by its cover...and you should notjudge this store by its outward appearance. I have visited the store dozens of times over the past several years and have bought 'some' items that actually worked and were, indeed, a good deal. Those items, however, were $2.98 to $20. kinds of things and came with a 30 day money back guarantee. But please be forewarned that shopping at Consumer Depot is a place for gamblers...not for the meek...and not for the typical unsuspecting customer.

I certainly would not trust CD to ship me a TV or computer or any costly item because the management there will take unfair advantage of customers who are in a tight spot with something that is broken or is the wrong item or is missing something. Just forget about ordering anything that costs more than you can afford to loose. When they get your money, they will keep it no matter what, and if what you bought doesn't make you happy then you'd best just write it off as a loss to you because trying to get Consumer Depot to make you happy is a lost cause. It's simply not worth all the misery, anger and stress you will go through while trying to get them to refund any amount of money that equals what you initially gave them.

For instance, if you paid them $500. for a TV that doesn't work, they might refund $300. or $400. and you still pay the shipping, but believe me, they will never give you FULL credit unless you buy something else that is of equal or greater value...and even then, you are still taking a big risk in not knowing if the item is in good or even working condition.

I once bought a small TV from them for about $50. I loaded it into my car, took off for home, plugged it in when I got there and it didn't work. Guess what, I left the receipt on the counter...don't do that! I called them immediately, less than an hour after the transaction, and they said the receipt wasn't there. I took the TV back to the store...they agreed to look up the sale in their records, made me a copy of it...AND WOULD NOT HONOR THEIR OWN COPY FOR ME TO GET A REFUND OR EXCHANGE!!! I was then told I bought it as-is and besides, I didn't have THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT!

I was mad as hell and got kicked out of the place because of my 'attitude'. I didn't return to the place for two or three years and only did, finally, because I knew that the a**hole who gave me all the trouble was no longer working there. Since then, I have developed a good working relationship with one of the sales-people and I feel he would bend over backwards to make sure I didn't get stiffed again. I could be wrong about that but I do have a good feeling about this guy and I will do business with him because of the somewhat limited trust he has earned with me. On the other hand, his boss could easily override his decisions and I could loose my **s on an expensive item. That's why I've kept my purchases to the very low-priced stuff so far. If, however, I was considering buying an item such as a TV, computer or any high-ticket item, I would definitely inspect and test it through the paces, before handing over the money.

If you live nearby you can go check the items out before buying...but if you want something shipped, don't expect any kind of help from Consumer Depot, PERIOD. BE WARNED.

BTW, the whole CD operation there relies on other customers in other stores who were DISSATISFIED with their purchases for some reason or another. The stock comes from Radio Shack, Sears, Target, etc. on pallets full of returned, mostly open-box items. Some items are still sealed but many of those were removed from their original shelves because of known defects or problems, so do yourself a favor and research questionable sealed items to see if they have been taken off the market by reason of defect.

On the brighter side, if you're looking for a long HDMI cable that doesn't cost $40., $50., or more, go get one at Consumer Depot for $15.-$20. and consider yourself lucky. Keep the receipt, test the cable, and if it doesn't work, take it back for an exchange. That's what I did. Hey, some of their stuff is good, and after all, I am a bit of a gambler when it comes to finding great prices. Sometimes we win!!!!

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1129 days ago

We recently just moved and had Comcast Cable at the other house. Once we moved here it was a headache and still continues to be. First of all, it took them nearly a month to get the cable even hooked up! We have lived here almost 3 months now, and the orange cable that they said they were going to put underground is STILL THERE. We have called numerous times, and they keep telling us a week. Finally today, when asked to talk to a supervisor I was put on hold for 30 minutes then finally I just hung up. They have terrible customer service and I am not and will not continue to deal with this. The cord is in the way when we mow not to mention it's an eye sore. I think 3 months is more than an ample amount of time to get this done.

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1257 days ago

Just to start off I know almost all of the salespeople there. They are nice people that do everything they can to help when something goes wrong, but it is their boss that is the problem. He is cheap and refuses to accept their own warranties.
I purchased an xbox from them and it went dead within 2 hours of starting it up. Since I live far away I was going to have to pay shipping there and back with no guarantee that it would get replaced.... EVEN WITH THE WARRANTY!! So I took the option of fixing it myself, which I have done with several xboxes successfully. When I opened it up there was thermal paste on the MOTHERBOARD!!! If you know anything about computers you know that thermal paste only goes on a dice sized processor beneath the heat sink. The heat sink was also from a small computer, not a xbox. It honestly looked like they where trying to make it fail so you would have to come back.
Even knowing the people there I could not get the problem fixed, so how are everyday people supposed to shop there with confidence?
I would not reccomend this place to anyone unless you are buying anything not electronic.

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1280 days ago

This place is in a busy shopping center across from Vanderbilt. They had a ton of accessories and the people are really sweet. I bought a phone a few months ago from a corporate store but they wouldn't help me after I came back. They sent me to Absolute Wireless. And this is where I will come back from now on.

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1304 days ago

I have had Comcrap for many years only because there is no other alternative. Yes, I have tried AT&T and they are no better. Currently, I have had an ongoing reception problem with Comcast's service for the last 8 months. Is it fixed yet? NO! Appointments are made and then broken. No one shows up and when I call I am told the appointment was canceled. Several times the appointment is assigned to a "dummy" technician - meaning that Comcast's dispatch section just threw it in the garbage can. Comcast's Customer Non-Service representatives apparently do not know who they work for because when asked for a name and contact number for senior management in the Nashville office I am told "I don't have that information." Comcast in Nashville is a joke. We need real competition. Comcast laughs at the stupid Nashville residents who tolerate this pitiful situation.

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1317 days ago

My husband bought a 32" LCD Samsung television there for his dad as a Christmas gift. We opened the box and the screen in the upper right hand corner had a very LARGE SPIDER CRACK in the screen. We live in Knoxville and my husband is in the Army Guard and has to drill in Nashville so that is why he even stopped in this cheap place. We drove all the way back to Nashville only to have the manager tell us that he did not believe us. He basically called us liars and said we had damaged the TV getting it out of the box. We didn't even have it out of the box because as soon as we opened the box we could see the screen was cracked!!!! I wonder how this place even stays in business. If we lived closer I would stand in their parking lot with a sign telling people not to shop there. My husband also paid an exta $60 for an extended warranty. We were so angry we left without demanding that $60 back but I am sure they would have found a way to weasel out of repayment of the warranty. We Will Never Shop In That Place Again!!!!

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1323 days ago

If it was a grade system I would grad it as an F!!!!!They have FAULTY computers and software. They give you false advertisement on there product's, so "BEWARE".......... If they give you a RMA# IF THEY GIVE YOU A RMA# They will NOT give you all yor money back. Consumer Depot will tell you that they will honor a full RETURN long as they see the product did not work. If they fill it is your fault th keep 20%. I got a Laptop for my 16yr. old daughter for christmas I opened the box just to see the condition it was in, but I never turned it on. Christmas morning my daughter opened her gifts and plugged in her laptop and with in 3 minutes it got hot as hell and turned off. So we did this for about 4 days same thing, every 3 minutes It get hot as hell and shut down. So I emailed the company and called a "LAWYER" and sent them litigation threat's. They honored me a full "REFUND" to my Visa. Well I paid 229.00 for the laptop and warranty and they ONLY gave me 179.00 back. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FAUD. They send out broken and damaged items and you return them and they profit 40-50 dollars of evey item shipped and return. SO BEWARE OF CONSUMER DEPOT BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE THEY AE A FFFFFFRRRRRAAAAAUUUDDDD

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1339 days ago

Ordered an XBox 360 from them because of a favorable blog posting. I owe that guy a kick in the nads!

I purchased the XBox, and the "extended warranty." XBox was supposedly re-furbed, but did not work right out of the box. E-mailed them and they told me I needed an RMA# - and that I would have to pay the return shipping for the non-working item they sent me.

Once they received the item I asked them to refund the purchase price, plus the cost of the warranty. THEY SENT ME AN E-MAIL SAYING THEY COULDN'T REFUND THE WARRANTY BECAUSE I HAD 'USED" IT!

How can you use a warranty for an item that never worked that you returned immediately.

Did some checking. They have a rating of "F" from the Nashville (their location) BBB, and are currently being sued by the Tennessee AG for "fraudulent and misleading consumer practices."

I'm sure some of the employees are ok, but the owners and policy makers of this company are crooks and scum.


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1368 days ago

These people are complete and utter idiots. When I ordered I didn't know of their horrible ways of business and was luck enough to cancel my order before it shipped; however, they wouldn't refund me! They expected me to go around them and through the bank, who needed the cancel transaction code to actually cancel the charges that they voided. It was absolutely ridiculous! We had to do a three way call with them, the bank, and us and then on top of that had to e-mail them frequently to get our money back.

These people are complete morons.

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