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1053 days ago

This company built our home in 2006. We purchased it from them in 2007. After about a year in the home we had extensive problems. After much investigation we found the problems are due to the fact that the home was not constructed using industry standard practices and does not comply with the St. Louis County building code.

For more than two years we have been dealing with Jim New (the President) trying to get him to admit the obvious fact that the construction is defective and make proper repairs. At first he was very apologetic and insisted he would take care of the issues. As I dealt with him more and more I began to doubt he was telling me the truth about the causes of the problems. I began doing my own research and suspected that the causes of the problems were serious defects and present throughout the home (not just in the area where they were originally discovered). I hired an independent professional to review the issues and he confirmed my suspicions.

I told Jim that I wanted all of the problems rectified and that I felt I was entitled to a home that, at a minimum, was compliant with the St. Louis County Building Code. He said I was being "unreasonable" and refused to do anything more than fix one particular instance of the defective construction. We are STILL dealing with lawyers, insurance adjusters, architects, etc. . . . .

I would advise anyone to think twice before dealing with Jim New, Monterey Custom Homes or Monterey Custom Properties! I wish I never had!

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1215 days ago

I would rate Complete Comfort less than 1 star. They sent an unqualified technician that took 40 minutes to diagnose a 5 minute problem and then tried to charge me for additional time on the service call. I would not reccomend this company.

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1262 days ago

The Best Choice if you have a Flat Roof, Big or Small !

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1309 days ago

Great product! Great service! I'll definitely use them again. They did a good job repairing my slate roof on my 100 year old home.

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1403 days ago

This company is the worst roofing company I have ever been associated with in the St. Louis County area. They installed my roof immediately after a hail storm several years ago and from the start it has been nothing but problems. I now have a damaged ceiling and possible mold damage growing in my house. Initially from the start of installation I had to hold up final payment and threaten legal action just to get them to take care of the ceiling and sky light damages as a result of the shoddy work that they performed on my roof. You can only imagine the amount of stress associated with a continous leaky roof, poor workmanship and the failure to rectify an on going problem. Please note also that I have allowed this company plenty of time and opportunities (6 years to be exact) to permanently fix this on-going problem but to no avail. When they perform the repairs they are temporary fixes and for the most part a joke.

Overall I blame myself for being so trusting and trying to give the company the benefit of the doubt that they would do what was right. But as you can see with my undue frustration that this company has no work ethics.

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1606 days ago

Please, please do NOT use this company! with the other reviews, they did a horrible job on my roof...did not install the flashing correctly, if at all, and now my roof is leaking!..we had problems getting them to come back and correct some gutter issues (did not extend the shingles far enough over the gutters) and it took months to get them to rectify that. Now my roof is leaking and we have to get another roofing hired to correct the issue!!..

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1616 days ago

We are a Full service door company and offer the most affordable prices on our service and product. Members of BBB and Angieslist

Please see ad and coupons in Phone books , Money mailer and internet

Thank you

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1638 days ago

I am a very unsatisified customer of the Dizdar Brothers.

I contracted them to replace my covered front porch and the 6 stairs that lead up to it. They demolished the porch and stairs and vansihed!.

Not only did they not come back to finish the job but the took $2,200 from me as well. I had to find another company to finish the work and on top of all of this they had the nerve to send me a christmas card!!

Very unprofessional company and crew. This company should close its doors before another person falls victim.

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1673 days ago

These people failed to pay contractors many thousands of dollars, money they had received from the clients, but instead of paying their subcontractors, they spent it on their own whims. Its too bad they can put someone in jail for stealing a bottle of booze, but these people, who stole so much, are free.

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1693 days ago

Consumers beware. You are better off with some other company. I thought I would use this company because my condo association use them, but my experience with them was less than satisfactory.

I called them to fix a dripping tub faucet and they ended up replacing the entire thing down to the copper pipe and fittings. Was all the work necessary? I would never know and it cost me over $1000. What I do know is that the company was very unprofessional. The worker never introduced himself or show any ID when he entered my home. He made numerous trips back to his truck for "equipment and tools" and is gone for 10-15 minutes each time. The whole job took two separate trips during which my bathroom was out of commission for 5 days. They didn't make much of an effort to clean up the bathroom after they were done. Since they had to drill through the tiles to get the pipes, the tiles surrounding the new plate looks terrible. On top of that I had left them specific instructions regarding billing and they still ended up billing my roommate who was kind enough to babysit them each time they were here while I was at work. When I called to correct their billing error they never apologized for their mistake.

I have no desire to use this company ever and I plan on asking my condo association to do the same.

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