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529 days ago

i visited the facility tonight.the one in macalla was a two hour wait,so they sent me to you. i brought in a 5 week old kitten,that had been attacked but a adult cat. the first thing they did after they took kitty back there was hit me with a price list.then once i sighned that i had to wait till thet xrayed her.they finally called me back there and told me what they were gonna do. they stitched her up and dosed her with pain meds. then more waiting for the recoeds and the bill. while i was waiting i overheard an employee telling a customer that she was a "dog" person and she did'nt like cats!!! i was already extremely upset and that was the last thing i wanted to hear.the workers that i dealt with were some of the coldest natured people!!!i hope i never have to use your facility again!!!!!!i love all my animals with all my heart and only ask that people who work with them be a little more compassionte. thankyou for listening.

Rose F Howell

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621 days ago

I have nothing but praise for the experience I had last night/early AM. My Saint Bernard showed signs of torsion (bloat) at about 1:14AM. I called ahead, and they met me outside. They were very kind. I was alone (husband out of town-on his way home). They quickly evaluated him (with my permission) by Xray/blood work and gave me easy to understand facts. Dr. Dodi Jacobi was very open and honest and spoke to me and my husband (on speaker phone). There was no pressure- just facts. It seems that they beat the odds for us- surgically. The price (although higher than a day time vet) was very close to the minimum estimate that they gave me, and they gave me two copies of all records, and a CD of X-rays for my vet. They offered me coffee, water, and candy while I decided if I could wait for the 2-3 hour surgery. When my husband came to get our dog and take him to our primary vet, they were just as kind and professional. I think the outcome will be excellent, but either way, they did the right thing.

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729 days ago

This place almost killed my cat! They gave her Tramadol and gave me the WRONG directions for dosing. She spent two days in intensive care at her regular vet trying to undo what this place did to her. She is now blind and has panic attacks. She was perfectly healthy except for a UTI before they saw her and now my sweet, playful, loving kitty has been replaced with a terrified feral stranger. My regular vet told me that Tramadol should NEVER be given to a cat. AVOID THIS PLACE!!

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742 days ago

My small male mixed breed dog got into an alcohol based wet wipe and drained all the juice out of it. He was having a bad reaction, shaking, weezing, dry hacking cough, dry mouth all of it! I called my vet and they recommended after hours to take him to this clinic on acton road. I got there and of course I know vet services cost money, but I just wanted to know if he would be able to work through it or if he needed immediate care. They took him back and looked at him and he seemed calm enough at that poing to offer a shot to ease the upset stomach, or to call animal poison control. I was discussing prices and options with the front dest staff and a pleasant vet tech when all of the sudden a vet tech by the name of Sheray came out. She seemed to have a very bad attitude from the start, she snapped at the vet tech who was speaking to us at the moment like she was one of her minions, and spoke like I wasnt even standing there. She was condescending and very rude. Two things that was enough to cause concern about the kind of care my dog would recieve. I turned around and left. I spoke to the on call vet tech/staff member at my actual vet about why I went to the animal emergency center and left and low and behold she asks me, "was it the vet tech with the red hair who was rude to you?", when I answered yes, she proceeded to tell me that they have had multiple complaints about her attitude!! Can you believe this woman, so called professional still has a job there? I was blown away. I respect the vets, the vet techs, and all vet staff because I know they work hard often times thankless jobs, but if you cant have a level of professionalism needed then find something else to do. I personally will never go back there again as long as Sheray works there, and I plan to let everyone I know about how she treats people and to not go there. Any money spent would be better off somewhere else. Just my opinion from my personal experience and I dont want to cut down the other ladies that were working last night as they were very nice and helpful. My dog is fine, the vet tech I spoke to gave me the information and reassurance I needed at that time.

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842 days ago

Amusing ?

the person at the front desk has a job because of the Animals we bring in for that business to take care of.

When you are greeted with a frown and made to feel like why am I leaving my dog here!

Then being about 6 minutes late to pick up my dog.
One person is vacuuming and she gets behind the wall so as not to be seen!
The person at the front desk keeps her head down so she does not have to acknowledge anyone standing at the front door.
'Then stands and turns her back so as not to let it be known that she knows someone is standing at the front door, and she leaves the room.

At that poing all I wanted to do is say I am sorry I was late and If I could not get my dog, I would be back tomorrow. I wanted them to know I was not neglecting my dog, I travel hwy 280 and just could not get there by 6:00.

If the pet owners are treated that way, how are the animals treated?

This was all so unproffessional and rude. It is difficult for me to think a business that depends on the public can let their employees be so rude!

Sorry, I can not even give one star!

[email protected]

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856 days ago

Upon returning from vacation we found our female Huskey in distress. We rushed her to this place but she died as soon as we got there. These people were so nice and caring. We said we would take her home to bury and when they brought her out to the car , she had been placed in a coffin box with flowers on top. Did not charge me anything but they provide everything we needed. This is one great place and the people there have a long river of compassion. Thanks to you all for your caring spirit, Vicki Mullinax

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859 days ago

In July we had a dog with a flipped stomach, they cared very much and saved her life. We loved them.
In August our "chiweenie" had an emergency reaction to medication, they saved her. We loved them. A month later, the same "chiweenie" had a reaction to a pepperoni, they saved her... once again we loved them. In December, we had a situation where our yorkie poo went blind due to diabetes.... they helped... we loved them. Last night our box began having seizures and we took her in there. Spent most of the night with them.... they even set us up in a room with a quilt on the floor so we could lay with her and spend time.... it turns out she had a brain tumor and we had to put her to sleep at 4 in the morning.... they treated us with love and kindness and knowledge throughout the entire ordeal. We LOVE them.

For those of you complaining about price and procedures.... YES! Dogs are expensive! and YES! After hour care is going to be expensive.... but an animal clinic is expensive to keep open overnight.... so the alternative is to not go if you can't afford it.... and rethink whether or not you should be pet owners. These doctors when to school for the same amount of time your primary care doctor did... in many cases even more years....

Here is a good article for all of you whining.....

Criticism of veterinarians hurtful
April 19, 2011 6:29 PM
Recently, a writer asked in the Yuma Sun “What happened to Dr. Ford?” His comments about the disappearance of old-style veterinarians have become an issue with many on both sides of the fence and it is time to respond.

So, what did happen to “Dr. Ford”?

Well, he nearly died of a heart attack from the long hours and low pay so he quit and now has been replaced by the highly educated, hard-working business person who recognizes the need for balance in life and works hard to take excellent care of both you and your pet.

Yes, he was inexpensive and came to your home to treat the ill and lame, but he also had only a truck, a pencil, a house phone (no answering service, machine, pager or cell phone) and maybe one or two drugs to use: combiotic (penicillin) and opium.

And frankly, you should be glad he has been replaced.

Why are so many people so full of hate for veterinarians? Are we not deserving of making a living? Must we treat sick and injured animals for nothing because we love them — and allow our own families to go without? Most of us would do this job for free if we were independently wealthy.

Do you think the technicians and veterinary nurses do not deserve to make a living and raise a family? These people are highly trained, dedicated and capable professionals, some of whom are barely scraping by in this difficult economic time. Are these people who provide emergency care for your pet alongside their veterinarian and help us care for your pet both in and out of the hospital not deserving of a nice place to work and decent wages/benefits? Veterinary medicine is a business like any other — it must be in the black to survive.

Unlike your medical doctor, who uses a fully equipped, government-subsidized local hospital — and Dr. Ford with his truck and a few medicines — the modern veterinarian must purchase or rent a full hospital to perform his/her duties. Your veterinarian is general practitioner, dentist, surgeon, hematologist, pathologist, dermatologist and on and on. We do have specialists we refer patients to but only when we require special testing or additional assistance with a case, and no specialists currently are available in Yuma.

Your veterinarian must have a surgical suite complete with all the instruments needed to perform routine surgery and sometimes beyond. We have specialized equipment for anesthesia and monitoring as well as a nurse or licensed technician trained to assist with this; we have X-ray machines, dental equipment, complete hematology labs, endoscopes, ultrasound machines and other expensive equipment to care for your pets while ol' Doc Ford did not have these.

Our M.D. colleagues can refer you to a specialist locally and should you need surgery, he/she or the specialist can go to the hospital for all the state-of-the-art equipment he needs and does not have to purchase. And you wonder why veterinary medicine has become so expensive?

What kind of person do you think a veterinarian is? Well, most of us are highly educated, competent doctors. We have been to college for at least eight years and when we receive our degrees are deeply in debt but ready to serve — most new graduates from veterinary school have a debt of $200,000 to $300,000.

We are family members who spend more time at work than with those precious families — working at least 60- to 80-hour weeks and often until late at night, or worse we are roused from our beds in the wee hours to care for sick or injured pets and frantic people. Several veterinarians in Yuma have become so overworked that they have made the difficult choice to not see emergencies, thus adding to the burden the rest of us must bear.

What kind of price do you put on the doctor and nurse who come in the middle of the night, take care of you and your pet, bring it home and stay up all night making sure it is OK, and then work all day the following day to take care of the next batch of ill or hurt patients?

Why do you think it is OK to bring two pets to an appointment for one and then complain at being charged for two appointments and about a long wait time? Why do you think the art we put on our walls means the fees we charge are too high? Would you rather sit in a dull, sterile room in a plastic chair with no beauty, or in a waiting room filled with love and warmth?

Why do you choose to criticize us for the fees we charge when you have no idea of our expenses? Walk a day in our shoes and you will see what it is like. Dr. Ford would not have had the equipment or ability to perform the complex and involved procedures available today. The dog with the twisted stomach or the cat with cancer or cardiomyopathy would likely have died in Dr. Ford's day, whereas today these are routinely successfully treated.

We Yuma veterinarians feel the criticism we are receiving for being honest, hard-working professionals is hurtful and uncalled for. We have all given so much to this community and yet some people continue to judge us as if we are heartless and greedy. Really?

Thankfully there are many out there who understand and support the veterinary community. Many have seen us cry with you when your pet has died or been put to sleep, and seen us struggle to help you find a way to treat a sick pet when you are not able to afford the very best treatment plan.

The clients here at our hospital appreciate our hard work and dedication and generally understand the value they receive and maybe if you would look closer, you would see what they see: The veterinarians in this community are working hard and long hours to make Yuma a better place for you and your pets.

Dr. Cheryl Haugo, DVM, heads the Desert Veterinary Clinic team in Yuma. The clinic has been voted best place to work twice in Yuma's annual Workplace Excellence competition sponsored by the Yuma Sun and Southwest Arizona Human Resources Association.

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935 days ago

First of all, let me validate this comment by saying that yes, if you cannot afford pet care you need to seriously think about whether or not you need to own a pet, and that after hours care is obviously going to be more expensive. But these people are in a service industry, which means they should be honest and upfront especially when your pet's health is at stake. Above all, in these hard situations vets and their techs should be CARING. Most of the reviews you will read here are negative, and a few seem to have a totally different experience. Of course if you had a bad experience you may be bitter about it, but that doesn't mean that we are wrong. All I can tell you is that there is no guarantee whether your pet will get a good vet or the money-grubbing vets that have affected so many here.
I have had the chance to go here twice, one time it was too late. From what I can remember of that experience they seemed decent enough, which is why I chose to return the second time.
This emergency care center made a bad situation WORSE. Not only did they grossly out-do themselves trying to get me to pay out of the wazoo for tests I KNOW I didn't need, but they tried to GUILT me for making the best decision for my pet and my wallet.
I know that emergency care is one expense that no one really knows for sure they are going to need, and God forbid you ever actually need it for something serious. My dog is pretty much my best friend, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her if I thought she was in serious danger. But as luck has it I just have a clumsy Boxer and we ended up going in for a minor puncture wound, not bad enough to be frightened but deep enough to warrant immediate antibiotics.
I knew it would be expensive since this was after care but not ever having been to the Acton Rd vets I had NO IDEA. They kept trying to get me to pay for drains, x-rays, and ridiculous probing for something that only needed meds and glue. Understand me, if I thought my dog needed it I would have paid what they were asking, which was unbelievable. Close to $700! For a puncture smaller than 1/2".
As if that wasn't bad enough, after I stood my ground and refused to have more than a glue job and a shot administered, they kept trying to lower the price. At first I thought this was a nice gesture, but seriously if they could half the price in less than one tallying did I really need ANY of that in the first place? Come on people! To make matters worse they bullied me after I told them I just wanted them to get her fixed up enough so that I could take her to my wonderful regular vet the following day. They made me feel awful and cheap for being assertive and practical, because seriously she was in no kind of pain or danger! By the time I left I had paid through the nose for something I could have gotten for 75% less at my regular vet, without feeling like a fool for wanting immediate and compassionate care. Even the staff was confrontational!
I saw them making a couple in an actually really bad situation feel horrible as I left; these good people were trying to decide the care for an animal who had be in a real accident, and I can only image how bad they tried to take advantage of them. If you need to take your pet in after hours and you have no other choice, yeah sure take them to these scavengers. But if you do be upfront with them and don't let yourself feel bad for being reasonable and compassionate. I gave two stars because they didn't kill my dog. If you can wait however go to Bessemer or your regular vet in the morning. Lord knows you will save a crap ton of money and get the kind of respect you and your animal friend DESERVES.

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970 days ago


3400 CLIFF RD,#22

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988 days ago

I am totally disappointed with the diagnosis and treatment of my five year old mini daschund. I took my dog in 9/25 with a dog bite from german shephard. Dr. Laura Edwards came out and said that my dog would be fine. She said the big dog only ripped her skin and they can stitch it. She said, the dog is lucky that the big dog did not punture her long. What a sigh of relief, I thought. We stayed at the hospital for about five hours and they sent my dog home at 10: 50 pm. Well I was concerned that they were sending her home but they were the doctor. Well Sunday 9/26/10 my dog was still hurting, i thought and I called the doctors office back and they were oh, we can give her some more pain medicine, that cost and additional $65. I asked them if I needed to bring her in with me to get the medicine so they can see if she was truly just in pain. They told me no and unfortunately, my dog died this morning and we are still stuck with an $565 dollar bill and when I called to tell them. They were not sympathetic at all. Dr. Laura Edwards is a cold hearted, none caring, lying, unprofessional Dog KILLER!!!!

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