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467 days ago

I would recommend this shop to ALL Volvo owners. They were helpful, informative and affordable. They walk you through everything they do and explain what exactly they are doing to your car. I love this place.

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832 days ago

Mediocre quality install. Something you would expect to see from someone who works out of his garage not a professional shop. They obviously take no pride in the work they do.

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927 days ago

If this tow company is as ruthless as all the reviewers claim, then THIS is the tow company I want my building to hire. If you are going to "borrow" someone's parking for 5 minutes, you are running the risk and you damn well know it. Making a mistake is one thing. Just thinking you can skate is quite another. There are signs posted everywhere, and each space is marked with a number. If you still can't figure out that this is a tenant-only area and you don't have a permit and you don't live here, THEN DON'T PARK HERE. I don't care if it's 5 minutes or 5 seconds. It isn't yours and you are stealing a space which is included with rent, which means it's paid for.

So, to the person who is whining that she was only in the space 5 minutes and wants a warning, I say: WARN YOU OF WHAT? THAT YOUR RUDENESS IS GOING TO COST YOU BIG BUCKS? Consider all the signs posted and painted on the concrete "your warning."

Plus how self-important do you need to be to think your 5 minute errand is more important than the tenant who lives here, and may be coming home in 3 minutes? With ice in the car, or frozen goods, or hot goods, or a crying baby, or the desperate need to get into the house for a reason which is more important than YOUR 5 minute errand?!

Furthermore, how self-important and self-absorbed do you need to be, before you realize that YOUR 5 minute errand, times 7, means someone could be running that 5 minute errand every frigging night? And the tenant has to wait for warnings EVERY frigging night?

I am so angry at the public who think they can dash in and out and take my parking space, which is behind a bush (what, you think that hides your car from the tow truck drivers? think again), every damn night. Especially on weekends. Good lord, they come downtown in droves and park in my spot so they can load up on bubb at the clubs and try (and fail) to get laid. Half the time they wander around (alone) trying to chirp for their car because in their stupor they can't remember where they parked.

I am inconvenienced repeatedly. I'm going to recommend we hire H B Towing because I need an Inglourious Basterd Tow Truck Driver on my side for a change.

In the meantime, please get the heck out of my spot. I live here. You don't. There are meters one block over. It's a quarter. You can spare it.

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933 days ago

Mike at Cuilla Brothers did a great job fixing my Dodge 3500... cab damage from 5th wheel "injury"she looks like new again and I didn't have to take out a loan for the work. Thanks Mike!

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972 days ago

If it wasn't for Performance Chevy off 80 and Madison, I would be lost! Mike Daugherty closed down and I didn't know where to go...until I found my old service manager Chad Weaver, who now works at Performance, and have never looked back! Ask for Chad Weaver at Performance Chevy, he's great!

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975 days ago

Mike Daugherty has been ok... But they closed! I have been going over to Performance Chevy off of Madison and I80. I love Performance! I found a home for my car.

Sad to see Daugherty Chevrolet close, but happy I found Performance.

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995 days ago

The guys at Audio Sports are amazing. They have installed stereos, televisions and GPS tracking devices in 4 different vehicles I own. They have always acted professionally and been very willing to spend the time and energy needed to make sure I get what I need. I feel like I am getting a good deal for what I am buying and know they will stand behind their products.

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1115 days ago

After being rear-ended at a stoplight, I took my 2000 Ford Escort to G&R to fix the rear bumper and my driver seat adjustment, which apparently was damaged from the impact. G&R was able to locate a used bumper, since my insurance claim would not cover the cost of a factory replacement without totalling the car. The repainted bumper matched so well you couldn't tell it wasn't right out of the factory. And they fixed my seat for free. Great, friendly service!

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1136 days ago

Went to this repair shop on June 30, 2010. My AC was not working right. It was blowing hot air. They charged me $60 for a full diagnostics. I was told that my AC compressor was bad and it needed to be replaced. Along with that, other parts needed to be replaced to prevent the changed compressor from going bad again. The total cost to me would be $1300+. I did not buy into their story. I knew that my compressor was working because I had taken it to Brakes Masters earlier and they could not find the issue but had told me a list of things they checked which did not have issues. The compressor was one of them.

I took my car to another AC specialist. The tech checked the compressor and told me that it was working. I paid $75 to get another full diagnostics done and the tech found my heating valve to be the issue. The shop charged me $135 for parts and $150 for labor. Total cost $285.

A Auto Tech Motors was trying to fool me into paying them $1300+ dollars for a $300 repair. I went back to ask for the diagnostics refund and was refused a refund. I was instead offered a free oil change. YEA RIGHT! How could I trust my car with this shop. Avoid this place and take your car to some other shop.

If you have been to this shop and feel they have violated your rights as a consumer, you can file a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repair online at http://www.autorepair.... or in person at 10220 Systems Parkway, Suite D, Sacramento, CA 95827 or call them at 916.255.4200.
Good luck with your repairs friends!

**UPDATE July12, 2010: Thanks to a visit from BAR (Thank you BAR for protecting consumer rights) I was offered a refund check for $60. This check also comes with a suggestion/request from A Auto Tech Motors to remove the review posted above. Had I been refunded my wrongfully charged diagnostics fee during my initial visit, there would have been no need for me to invest hours of my time pursuing this. At this point I would like to make it VERY CLEAR to A Auto Tech Motors and its ownership. I do not have sympathy for you nor am I obligated to remove my review. My review is not false and is definitely not misleading. I by no means am a famacide, defamer, or slanderer. Please do not contact me further as I do not intend to engage with you in any further business.

**UPDATE July14, 2010: Went to cash the $60 check only to find out that the check had been canceled. Amazing how A Auto Tech Motors has the courage to deceive me and BAR. You be the judge.

**UPDATE July15, 2010: Got a call from Stacy Johnson with S F Johnson consulting who offered to personally return my $60. (I Have the voice mail if you are interested in listening) She claimed that the check had been canceled in error. (Asked about the "error" on the phone and she had meant to say that A Auto Tech Motors was wrong in canceling the check.) I asked that proper protocol be followed and that A Auto Tech Motors make a check payable to me and go through the mediator BAR investigator to send the check to me. At this time I also notified Stacy that I will be pursuing this issue in the Small Claims Court if the issue was not resolved by the following week. Stacy verbally agreed to this on behalf of A Auto Tech Motors.

**UPDATE July19, 2010: No call and no response. It is apparent that Stacy from S F Johnson Consulting has decided that it would be better for A Auto Tech Motors to leave a positive review on here and do damage control. It is ironic to read that S F Johnson Consulting and A Auto Tech Motors will go the "EXTRA MILE" to resolve customer issues. Way to go S F Johnson Consulting. You have showed your worth to this company by not resolving a case that is imminently going to court. I hope you have a cane because with all the evidence I have, I do not think you have a leg to stand on in court.

Thank you.

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1171 days ago

I went there and it went great. They were a bit bust and told me I could come back later if I didn't want to wait or that they would get to me as fast as they could. I left and went over to Jimboys across the street, and they got done shortly after I was back.

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