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926 days ago

Aunt Darlene and Uncle Tom are the BEST.

My husband and I relocated to NJ from Texas a little over a year ago. We had always left our 'bundle of Mini-Daschund joy',Duncan with our beloved family and friends who were able to watch him if we were to go away-and we never worried a BIT about how he was doing because he was in the care of our closest companions who loved him like he was their own.

We had NEVER, EVER boarded Duncan before we moved here and when we realized that we had to do so on our first trips being up here alone I nearly had a panic attack. Not having any recommendations or initially doing deeper research to discover such a service as Aunt Darlene's-we set Duncan up at a doggie/kitty hotel near our house-yes it seemed nice on the outside but the way our dog came back petrified when we picked him up was absolutely heartbreaking. Yes, there are those people that say "dogs are just dogs and that it shouldn't be that big of a deal-they'll get over it", but I am one of those people that consider my dog like a child (there are many that feel the same!) and you'd want nothing but the best for them because they bring so much specialness to your life... and seeing Duncan's reaction when he jumped into my arms after being boarded at the one place made me sick to my stomach.

Many trips and nightmares later I made a serious effort to do better
research and found Aunt Darlene's. I knew something better had to exist-SO TRUE!! All the testimonials on her page say everything perfectly about the level of service and love that they provide your pet. We will use no one else as long as we live up here. It says it all when Duncan knows the moment you pull up to Darlene and Tom's house and he is about to jump out of the car to make a run for Darlene,Tom and their two dogs, Buddy and Pebbles. It makes your heart want to burst when I pick him up and to see how he is so happy to see me, but sad to leave them-Duncan seems to go through a slight withdrawl with all the fun he had and now it's back to the boring mommy and daddy. :)


Kimberly and Parker B., Shrewsbury, NJ

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1066 days ago

I love both Doctors here. Both Dr. Kalvig and Dr. Shorter have treated my pets with expertise, but I developed a very special relationship with Dr. Shorter. My dachsund was a rescue dog that I took on over 3 years ago. She had a few problems early on that my previous vet didn't catch and Dr. Shorter did. I believe that because he caught them so early on that she lives on to this day. He had gone above and beyond any vet I am so glad he was recommended to me and I would recommend him to anyone. Dr. Shorter and Dr. Kalvig are the only veterinarians that I have ever gone to, that will call you back every time you call with questions and will take every step to ensure that you are well informed on your pets health. Both my pets means so much to me and I am greatful that I found Doctors that care for them as much as I do.

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1084 days ago

I have had an absolutely wonderful relationship with both Dr.'s Kalvig and Shorter. Dr. Kalvig in particular, has been taking care of our dog for the last 10 plus years. She has provided my family with caring, personal service and has always been there when we've needed her. Time and again, when our dog has had any type of ailment big or small, Dr. Kalvig is the first and only Vet we are interested in bringing our Pug to. Our dog is a VERY important family member and we thoroughly researched the best vets in New York City prior to finding Dr. Kalvig. We have been happily rewarded with finding Dr. Kalvig. She's been an amazing Vet and we wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

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1084 days ago

Dr’s Kalvig and Shorter are more than just vets. They are friends who genuinely care about the well being of our pets. For over 8 years we have looked nowhere but to Dr’s Kalvig and Shorter to care for our pets. Their staff (most notably Christina and Gino) always goes above and beyond. Dr. Shorter (our primary veterinarian) has worked tirelessly to insure that we are knowledgeable about the conditions our pets may be facing as well as to be certain that the necessary steps are being taken for preventative maintenance. Dr’s Kalvig and Shorter understand that our pets are part of our family and their care and concern has never gone unnoticed. Our most sincere thanks to Dr’s Kalvig and Shorter and the rest of their team.

S. Etess

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1084 days ago

My relationship with Dr. Kalvig began 10 years ago after I left a clinic on the West Side where every time I went there I had a different veterinarian. After an incorrect diagnosis at my previous clinic that would have cost me hundred of dollars, and unneccessary trauma to my cat, I knew I needed to find a new vet. Through a fellow pet owner, I learned of Dr. Barbara Kalvig. Dr. Kalvig is a kind and sensitive woman who loves her profession and her commitment to the care of each and every animal that finds her is remarkable. From my first appointment, I knew my cats and me would be in experienced and loving hands. That is a wonderful feeling when you are facing worrisome information about the health of your pet.

I spent 1 1/2 years in Europe and brough both cats with me. Dr. Kalvig helped me prepare them for their international travel. A year into my stay, my Maine Coon, Max started throwing up and had stopped eating. He lost weight and his fur looked terrible. I took him to 3 different Polish veterinarians and the last one finally had some idea of what was wrong. Day after day, he wasn't improving and I was worried and scared and knew that if I didn't get him some real help, he would die. I was in contact with Dr. Kalvig via email and when I explained Max's condition, her responses indicated concern.

Her concern was all I needed and we flew to NYC. Max was very sick. The growth in his stomach which the Polish vet had felt, was probably the cause but in order to find out, Dr. Kalvig reccomended an ultrasound to confirm the mass and an endoscopy to take a sample in order to determine if it was cancerous. She prepared me for this possibilty and explained that in older cats, this was often the case. Several days, later, I arrived at the clinic to find out the results, and braced myself for the worst. I was in the waiting room a minute when Dr. Kalvig hurried to greet me. "I couldn't wait until you came back to the exam room," she said excitedly. She told me that Max's growth was not cancerous but that he had irritable bowel disorder and that this was completely treatable with medication.

Max began a regimen of anti-flammatory medication. His appetite returned and he started to gain weight. He looked as healthy and as happy as ever. Max lived for two years after his diagnosis and all that additional time I had with my sweet cat was precious and it was all due to Dr. Kalvig.

I would recommend Dr. Kalvig to any pet owner looking for a remarkable and dedicated professional. Be assured that the health and well being of your pet is her top priority. She will give you all the information you will need to make an informed decision and will give you her thoughts as well. She doesn't push her agenda and supports you in whatever path you decide.

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1135 days ago

I shop here regularly to purchase items for my two poodles. They have a great selection of high end holistic dog food, cages, bedding, grooming products, collars, leashes, toys and huge selection of rawhide bones. Delivery is fast and free. The prices are great. Thanks, Pet Store Supplies Delivery NY for excellent service.

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1167 days ago

I feel compelled to write this testimonial. I believe that when excellence has been demonstrated that good deeds must be shared with others.

Darlene has been our loyal pet sitter for the last five years and I must say that sitting our pets is no easy task. We have a turtle, a bird and two rambunctious large dogs. Without fail rain or shine Darlene makes all her appointments. She has done everything from playing / watching with the dogs to shoveling snow so we could get back to the house after vacation. Believe it or not these are not the things that compelled me to write on her behalf.

One of our dogs, Lilu who is a five year old pit mix has come down ill. Lilu has been diagnosed with with a stage two mast cell tumor, in short cancer. We plan on doing everything that we can to get Lilu better but even with Lilu's illness life goes on. Recently we had to go on a trip so of course I called Darlene to dog sit. Normally things go without a hitch but this time there were problems. One of the meds that Lilu must take makes her very thirsty of course this means that Lilu needs to pee a lot more. Twice while we were away Lilu couldn't hold “it” and she let go all over the living room floor. This wasn't your normal mess either. The excessive water intake made for a tremendous mess. Many other dog sitters may have said no way and left the mess or simply tossed down some newspaper and bailed out on a unpleasant situation but not Darlene. She called me right away, she didn't call to complain she called to make sure that Lilu was ok. Her concern was that Lilu may have lost bladder control due to her illness. Darlene was ready to take Lilu for emergency care. I explained that I think Lilu is ok and that the additional intake of water has caused the mess. Darlene didn't even flinch all she did was ask where the additional towels were so she could clean up the mess. This didn't happen once this happened twice.

Darlene never balked at the situation all she did was make room in her schedule to drop by the house am additional two more times. She did this because she has a good heart and true love of animals. It's no surprise that both of our dogs love her dearly. Darlene shows love to our dogs (and turtles and birds) and professionalism to her clients.

My wife and I do need to travel a lot and with Darlene as our pet sitter we feel confident that everything is well taken care of even when things don't go as planned.

There was even a time a couple of years ago when we locked ourselves out of the house. I called Darlene (who has a key to the house) she dropped everything she was doing and got us in our house.

There's a saying in business that anyone can do a task or sell a product but if you want to be successful you need to be able to come through with service. Darlene is the true definition of that business model.
She's trustworthy and dedicated. She runs her business with her heart and in this particular line of work that's the key to success.

Darlene has my family's 100% trust and gratitude.

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1294 days ago

I like Pet Store Supplies Delivery NY because it’s very helpful and inexpensive pet supply store. I found everything I needed for my cat and got free next day delivery. The best pet supply online store in NYC

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1305 days ago

I’m very happy with Pet Store Supplies Delivery NY. They offer next day delivery service of inexpensive pet supplies. It’s very convenient and inexpensive.

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1453 days ago

Great experience! As a recent graduate of the Puppy class, my terrier is more attentive and responsive than I could have imagined six weeks ago. He actually sits when he sees other dogs he wants to play with because he knows he only gets rewarded for good behavior. That's what Andrea Arden will teach you - how to reward at just the right moment so your dog will learn to behave without being asked.

Sign-up and you'll get individual attention and tips geared to making your relationship with your dog the best it can be.

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