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649 days ago

Finding Hair Stylist for Wedding/Bridal in New York would be difficult - It's just too much to choose from.
I mean, planning wedding in NYC in general is just painful.
I have a curly hair, and has been going to this curly hair stylist for a couple of month by now - his name is Joseph.

I already got covered for a makeup artist, and Joseph is THE only hairstylist I would get my hair done by. So although my girlfriends are trying to refer me to other hairdresser, I just kept saying no to them.

First thing I did with him was trying to figure how the hair is gonna be done. Full-updo or Half-updo, chignon or straight... But after all I just wanna be looking great at my best.
I sent him a picture of my wedding dress and veil by email. He suggested me a full updo, since he likes how my bridal gown contours my decollete beautifully.
On a trial session 3 months before my wedding, he did 2 hairstyles- one with braids and one simple one. I like the one that is very simple, yet the detail was very elegant so I decided to go for it.

On My wedding day, I had this beautiful venue in New Jersey, and he came all the way from NY, to get my hair AND my bridemaids (6 of those!) in 3 hours. It must be hectic for him listening to him how they'd like to get their hair done, but he was calm, manage the time very well, and all of us just LOVED how we looked.

For those bride-to-bes in Tri-State Area, Joseph is the one you can count on.

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658 days ago

If you're looking for wine and idle chatter go elsewhere. If you want a caring professional haircut... look no farther. My favorite is Maya. She first cut my hair in the late 90's. Since then I have driven all the way from PA (3 years) and traveled from Westfield,NJ (ten more years) and now from Jersey City. She asks what you want and then preforms her magic. Over many years I have watched her and the others there actually "care" about their customers. Haircuts are 15.00 and worth triple. In fact I don't know how they survive on what they charge. I always tip 10 more. Business in the country is off and people are in the streets over all the unfairness surround the 99% of us. Habana San Juan is a sanctuary from all the greed !!!


Gary. B.

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677 days ago

All I have to say is - WOW.

I am going to make my review simple and clean.

1. Due to the traffic, we were late. So for my stylist, Joe, the time was really limited. The worst part is, I couldn't make a trial either, so we only had discussed about hair over emails/calls. I wasn't sure how it'd be, but he made such a gorgeous hair that matches my dress perfectly.

2. I also had 4 bridemaids AND my mom. My mom was NOT gonna get her hair done, but after she saw how my hair was done beautifully, she was begging Joe to do her hair - Joe did it for no extra charge. He is such a sweetheart.

3. I was a little bit nervous, but he and his assistant put me at ease. They are such nice ones to work with. I wish I could provide them lunch, we had a lot of food from caters.

Overall, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend him for other bride-to-bes. You won't be regret.

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925 days ago

Prestige Barber Shop in NYC is my favorite one. Nice atmosphere and polite barbers make me come here again and again. Besides they've always been great with my two little boys, friendly and did good work. Thank you so much.

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932 days ago

Without question the best haircut in Midtown Manhattan. I've been going to Prestige Barber Shop for many years and wouldn't go anywhere else. My wife likes my hair a lot so me too. If you would like to look handsome, neat and younger go to Prestige.

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1021 days ago

I love Reamir Barber Shop not only because they have a great service and skilled barbers, but also because they are very friendly, and make you feel very comfortable. I love how they treat their customers like their own family.

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1059 days ago

This place used to actually be quite good when they were in a small studio in #404, but now they moved to the other side of the building into what looks to be a one bedroom apartment in #410 and instead of choosing between 3 ladies to massage you, you now only get "Valerie" (who used to be "Tina" but I guess with the bad reviews like above she decided to reinvent herself!). Now, first of all, her ad stated that she was "stunningly beautiful" when it should have said "I might have been stunningly beautiful 20 years ago when I was in my 20's!". This lady had to be in her 50's and like the review above, she had no eyebrows!!! It felt like my grandmother was trying to give me a massage!!! She also talks to you in this weird baby talk likes she's trying to be a sex kitten or something! Not a sensual massage at all! So, for as much money as you are shelling out, you should go to someone younger and sexier! Don't waste your time or money!

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1068 days ago

I should have read more reviews on this place before I decided to venture down to 66 Pearl Street! Could only book an appointment with Tina (who I'm pretty sure is the Marie Delorenzo referenced to in a previous review that along with my other one disappeared, as you have to call up to a M. Delorenzo at the building). She's got a nice bod, but I can totally see why people might think she's a she-male as she has a very masculine face (with a ton of work done on it) and painted on eye brows!!! It's like a 60 year old head with a nice body attached to it! Not sexy!!! As for the massage. Go somewhere else. It was neither sensual or relaxing! And she does spend the whole session trying to get more money out of you! What a turn off! I will never venture down to 66 Pearl Street #410 again!

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1084 days ago

Never had an issue with Drew as my Barber, been cutting my hair for over a year and dudes been on point and on time. Always gets me in and out without any bullshit in between. NLBS is the real deal!

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1107 days ago

Eddie Myers cuts hair like a god <3

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