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283 days ago

Excellent place to live, affordable but without sacrificing lots and lots of really good amenities. Pool is awesome, staff is very friendly both the front desk folks and maintenance guy. Really nothing bad to say at all, so glad I bought here and paid about 50% of what I would've paid in midtown. Overall just really happy with it

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527 days ago

I'm fairly new to the community - only been here a year - but it's fantastic. The new club room with free wifi is great, they even have free wifi at the pool, which is pretty outstanding. Your utility bills are all collected into one so you're only paying one bill per month, I really like that. Very very friendly staff - Bryan the maintenance guy is awesome, especially. And for the price I paid for this place I could not be happier. Plus, location-wise I'm anywhere in Inman, Highlands, Downtown, Little 5, etc. in under 10 minutes plus only 20 minutes to the airport (I travel a lot). Couldn't ask for more.

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624 days ago

Fantastic place to live. Friendly neighbors, love the green space, pool, gym, concierge. If you're a dog person (like me!) it's perfect because the grounds are nearly an acre of fenced and lighted space and there are a ton of other friendly dog owners -- sometimes we even have evening "dog parties" where all the dogs meet up and play. And you get such great value for what you spend, which is possibly the most important part for me, especially in this economy. I paid half of what I would have for comparable units half a mile away in Midtown with less amenities. Best kept secret in Atlanta.

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762 days ago

Our security gate box was broken almost a month ago. Despite repeated promises, it remains broken, allowing anyone to enter complex at will.

Also, grounds have not been kept up past year; lack of fresh pinestraw resulting in unslightly (or after rain) muddy, slippery pathways.

The two planters in front of Leasing Office have dead shrub trees; over the past months, the office staff forgot to water them, now the first thing you see approaching the office, are two brown (dead) shrubs!

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834 days ago

The management is terrible and cares nothing about the residents or their reputation. Everyone I knew who lived there (mostly students and some young professionals) complained about the management issues and rarely did anyone stay past the time of their initial lease. The ladies in the leasing office have accused us of being delinquent on rent by 1 penny and and threatening us with a late charge, and we had to go explain to the leasing office that we had split rent down
the middle and both my roommate and I rounded up, so we'd actually paid 1 cent more than
was due. Crazy. Also, when notifying them of our move-out, the office told us we did not
need to submit written notification because we informed them in person. This was confusing, because it seemingly violated our lease, but the office assured us it was just a formality and since we had verbally informed them, it wasn't necessary to do anything further. Silly of us to believe the very people we signed our lease with, because a month later they slapped us with another $2000 due to pay for another month since we hadn't "followed our contract." No one in the office really knows what's going on, and its a complete sham. There are lots of apartments close by with just as great of location, without the terrible management.

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938 days ago

0 Stars

I live at Marquis Vista in downtown and they have horrible management who cares nothing about resident concerns.

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958 days ago

Apartment hunters beware, DO NOT MOVE INTO THE VILLAGES AT NORCROSS. The office personnel and maintanance personnel are extremely non responsive. You will have to deal with frequent leaks and out dated appliances that they will patch but not fix.

You should also be aware that should Atlanta experience, ice rain and your apartment happens to be located up the extremely large hill you will be STUCK. There is no way in or out, other than to walk up and down the hill. Can you imagine having to carry groceries and other supplies up this huge hill in bleow zero weather. God forbid someone should be ill you would not be able to get the person to the hospital without endangering yourself and others.

Please do not pay your money to this complex or management company, they will simply tell that it is not their responsibility to provide any degree of customer comfort or satisfaction.

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1003 days ago

"Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club" is a Real Estate Agent?

Boy, their salesmen must have some nifty footwork.

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1003 days ago

Great place to learn or sharpen your skills I am glad to find a place like this so far from broadway.

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1130 days ago

The Metropolitan at Buckhead are great location, affordable price for Buckhead, but by far THE WORST APARTMENTS STANDING in that community. The building should be condemned. It has bugs, rodents, killer squirrels you name it. Water leaks, mold, trash everywhere. The biggest re-occuring problem the property has is BEDBUGS. Yes they exist! They have a large bedbug community at this property. Orkin is supposed to be their saviour but they dont get rid of them over 10 units in each building has had them, they live under carpet and wait for you to move in and feed on you. They stick to your mattress and bite you at night and stick to your clothes they are DISGUSTING. We had to throw out all of our furniture and the leasing office will not re-imburse. We cant even live in our apartment, they DONT CARE. As a matter of fact, they will try to make you (the tenant) pay to have the bedbugs removed because they claim YOU BROUGHT THEM HERE. Are they f-cking kidding me? That apartment complex is a complete joke and it is my duty to have them shut down. They are careless. THE END!

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