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282 days ago

Are you one of those people who has never been scammed? Oh boy, your missing out on an adventure, but have no fear! Order Carpet from this Joke of a business and then buckle your seatbelt! All of the negative reviews of this company are exactly correct. We found This guy on craigslist and he was about $400-$500 cheaper than the competition, cheaper, but not enough to fit into the "too good to be true" category. We found the negative reviews the night before they were coming to install- but Alex was such a good "used car salesman" AKA, LIAR, that we felt like we could take our chances. "We thought, "well they have been in business for 20 years and they have an actual showroom....." We took some precautions (Like asking for a picture of the carpet we were expecting before they came) When they showed up late for install- they immediately started tearing out the carpet. Then, when they were done, they rolled out the new carpet on the driveway. It looked different than the picture and what we were expecting. We called Alex, the owner and the guy we had been dealing with, but he wouldnt answer his phone- he NEVER answers the phone, probably because he doesnt like being yelled at- I know this because I eventually had to drive down to his showroom and have his secretary call from her desk. He answered the phone and got to have a conversation where all he did was lie and back-pedal. In the end, he swore the carpet was the correct model (even though he still has yet to actually see what was installed) He said he would give us a certificate to prove its a brand name carpet- which we are yet to see. He said he would bring a color sample for us to compare which he has yet to do- he has cancelled his appointment 4 times and always says he is "out of town". The installer confirmed the pad that was installed was 3.8lb- when we paid for the 8lb. Alex continues to text lies, sets up appointments where he promises to show up and "make things right" but I have yet to meet the SOB. It's your standard scam- get the customer to order an expensive carpet and pad- then bring whatever crap you have sitting in the warehouse because most people wont notice if it's close. Understand, there are no model numbers on the carpet itself, so its difficult to prove what carpet it actually is- you have to trust the company. (however we were able to glimpse at the back side of the carpet when they came back to install the 2nd time and the markings difinitively proved that the carpet was 100% Nylon- not Smart Strand and not what we paid for.) we have 2 samples of what we were promised ordered and on the way for comparison and for the magistrate! The installers installed the wrong carpet, the wrong pad, didnt bring enough crappy carpet to finish the job the 1st or 2nd time. Alex will not answer his phone, our stairs are still unfinished and Alex is completely satisfied with the fact that he got paid a little more than half the balance even though the job is not done. We will not pay the remaining balance and will be heading to small claims court where it will be an open-n-shut case. DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY OR HIS "COMPANY" dont be fooled by the fact he has been in business for 20 years- that's what fooled us. Stop by his "showroom". Nobody speaks english or knows anything about carpet. Dont take your chances... you will get screwed. tell your friends..flag him on craigslist.....we have to protect each other. Pay the extra $500 for a reputable company. Thanks for doing your research. Hi Alex! :)

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852 days ago

Bait & switch tactic. Unethical. Dishonest. Very long story short. Price changed from original quote of $699 to $820 despite a clearly written quote by Alex, the owner. They then installed the wrong carpet, a much cheaper version than what was ordered. We only paid 1/2 of total due because of this discrepancy, with plans to meet with Alex in person on the next business day. Alex will not return our calls to settle this issue.

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886 days ago

These guys were amaizing. They transformed my kitchen in a matter of hours into my favorite room in the house. I would recommend them to my mother

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947 days ago

1 stars

THey came in and damaged my floors and then refused to pay for the full damage.

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994 days ago

I really can't say anything negative about Express Pros. They delivered everything they promised, and more. On time, on budget and outstanding work. If you're looking for electric work, you can't go wrong here ...highly recommended.

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1000 days ago

As they say: Mistakes are opportunities. Well Carpet Direct really missed one. ..and actually spit in my face.

After Carpet Direct missed two different delivery dates, and is now jepardizing my appraisal, all they can say is "sorry, we'll return your money". They will not expedite an alternative carpet (via UPS or FEDEX) nor will they help cover the charges of me having to expedite a carpet from another supplier. I even suggested that rather than reimbursing me expenses they agree to pass product/services (in stock padding and instalation) on to me at their cost (like I have done with my company, once when we made a huge mistake) Their reply was but then we wouldn't make any money. REALLY? You expect to make profit on someone you screwed?

On their literature its says "We really Care"...What a joke!

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1044 days ago

Is this even really a legitimate company? They completely scammed me by charging me over $300 more than the retail price for a part. It turned out the part did not need to be replaced, and I re-installed the part they removed (works fine.) When I called to question the service they just yelled at me and said they were the experts. I've never experienced anything like this in 50 years. I actually thought this kind of thing was illegal. Reading the piles of horrible reviews I just can't understand why the Disrict Attorney is not pursuing these guys. STAY AWAY! THEY ARE SCARY BAD!

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1104 days ago

"Excellent to work with - knowledgeable about carpet meeting my needs as well as what looks good. The installers were very hard workers and did excellent work! This is the third time I have had carpet installed in this house - and this exceeded my expectations! I recommend them to anyone needing carpet!"
Pam M.

"He was very prompt and seemed to really know his business. We decided to install new carpet instead of repairing the old. He gave me a good price and they installed it within a few days. I liked working with him very much."
Kay M.

"Very easy project from start to finish. Carpet was installed in less than 5 hours and was done with professionalism and great craftsmanship."
Larissa K.

"Always prompt. The installers worked quickly and efficiently. I felt very comfortable with Lynn even though I changed my mind about colors."
Theresa C.

"We are very pleased with our new vinyl flooring and carpet. The vinyl flooring wasn't easy to install, due to odd angles and corners in our townhouse, but it turned out perfect. Lynn and his crew were very professional - he made sure he understood exactly what we wanted and then he made it happen."
Chris R.

"AWESOME! Our new nursery carpet is wonderful! Timing was unbelievable. 2.5-3 hrs?! Totally unreal but amazing. You were amazingly quick and still did a wonderful job. I'm so excited to get the nursery ready for my 13 month old and her sister who will be arriving here shortly. Definitely would recommend to others."
Deirdre R.

"Thanks for your help and follow through. What turned out to be a longer and tougher project could have been a real problem if you hadn't have been so reliable.
John A.

"The tile and baseboards look beautiful! You are an excellent craftsman. I was very impressed, not only with your outstanding work, but also how you took such great care of my carpet - all my things. It has been a pleasure working with you. I'd be honored if you add me to your list of references. On a scale of one to ten you are definitely a ten in your profession. Thank you for adding so much beauty to my home that I will enjoy for many years to come."
Rosin M.

"Thanks again for the fabulous job you did in our basement. I will recommend you to everyone! I just appreciate your excellent service and high quality work! Thanks again - take care"
Vanessa W.

"They we very conscientious, did some extra work. Did all the tile and carpet in my house, it was very good. I trusted them, they are the best. With the tile, made cuts as needed, the wall was not true. Everything was very efficient, I was pleased, informed about the work they have done."
Celia C.

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1133 days ago

The best collection of antique and new rugs that I saw in Denver. Great service and friendly people to work with. Beautiful and quality rugs.

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1166 days ago

this is a great locksmith service they have the highest security in the city and the nicest employees. I will gladly give them a 5 star review

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