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727 days ago

This place is a dump !

The apartments here are manged by Sunrise management company out of San Diego CA. and owned by Canadian slumlords.

There is a large sign saying newly renovated apartments under new ownership on Missouri AVE.
Say's 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

The renovation is a real joke, they started by painting a ugly dark brown on the out side of the buildings, and used green

trim, and then stopped painting, maybe the will change it or not.

The painted over termite infested weather roting wood, and used bathroom caulking to fill in roted holes, made by the roof rats that also infest the building.

The windows are single pane glass with seals that roted along time ago. they have 80% heat loss so says S.R.P. the electric company.

the walls as well as the roofs are all uninsulated. The East facing and the West facing wall will heat up in the

summer on the inside to over 100* F. the bedroom closet will heat up to over 100*F. in the summer and be cold in the winter.

The pipes are made of corrugated steel and are all very corroded on the inside, resulting in rust water and pieces of metal in your water.

The pipes run on the ground level on the East walls and West wall inches from the tar parking lot surface,

causing the pipes to heat the water to over 180*F in the summer. You will need to run the cold water for over 5 minutes to get it warm, not even cold.

If you do not like bugs,mold and mildew in your apartment they will spray, but they will always return. the doors are

warped, and unsealed and allow heat and cold to get in and out.

The apartments have a grass courtyard in the middle were kids can play, but because of this you will here the children

screaming, and the landscapers mowers, as if the are in your living room with you. So forget about making a call on the phone, or watching T.V. or sleeping late.

The bedroom windows face the parking lot, and the Street and in some apartments the court yard. Good luck sleeping on Sunday !

Crime: Yes even here. Cars broken into and catalytic converters removed.

As for the management: nasty, but not when first meeting, later after you have moved in. Backstabbers liars.

Maintenance: Good luck getting them to do the work in a month !

Do not be fooled by anything they write to contradict this posting you will regret renting from them if you do take a chance that is !

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770 days ago

I don't know if these people at MEB Management really work or do they just sit around all day trying to make "Occupancy goals." And that is all they care about. The apartments they manage are some of the worst in Phoenix!!! They NEVER do anything to solve any problems and they lie in their advertisement. Do not EVER hire MEB to manage your apartments. Terrible!!! They care nothing about the people, they only care about money. But, none of the money goes towards making the communities a better place for people to live. We live at La Palma Apartments at 220 Bell Rd. in Phoenix Arizona. It is in horrible condition. At the front of the apartments from the street, it looks good. The office looks good. But, beware!!! Don't judge a book by it's cover, because that's all it is, a cover. The people at the office all "Don't work here" once you move in and go in to complain of the lies you were told. But, don't let them fool you. They DO work there. We talked to the Department of Housing and were told that if they are in the office and there any length of time, they are working there. We are in process of filing charges against them for the lies they tell. We have also been told what they are doing is criminal, and to call the police, which we didn't do yet. The people, Jodi, for one, told me they have "4 pools, a sports court, 9 laundry rooms,24 hour fitness center, security,private balconies or patios. It's all bunk! To make a letter getting long shorter. The apartment was not cleaned at all, there is black mold, roaches, the dishwasher doesn't work, the dryer won't even turn on, the Sports courts are all torn up, no hoops on the basketball poles, no net on the tennis court, the pool for our part is dark green, the laundry room windows are stuck open, broken, the railing on our staircase is loose, the bottom step on our non-private balcony is crooked so if you are not careful you will trip, there are no lights going up our stair, it is pitch black, I could go on and on. When we went in to complain we were laughed at basically and told the black mold is only bad if it "gets wet." We gave them 3 weeks and they have yet to come fix one thing. We are totally ignored. We are stuck here now, as we gave them all the money we had to move in. Oh, one more thing, the "Security" gates are broken and there was a post 2 years ago saying they were broken and we were told they are "in contract to be fixed." TOTAL LIES! I hope they get shut down!

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840 days ago

I figured I'd better get out of Dodge before I lost all the equity in my home so I started looking to move to North Carolina. I really hated to do it but like I said with the housing market belly up it was time to take advantage of the buyers market, low prices and low interest rates. Right from the start I knew I'd need some help transporting my vehicles to the new place. I had two classics that I'd put alot of work into over the years and didn't want to see them get damaged. I asked around some of the local car shops to see if anyone had any references for a reliable auto transport company. One of my buddies told me about Nationwide Transport Service; that they had a great reputation, reliable drivers and fair pricing. He was right on the mark on all three points. Nationwide Transport Service is way beyond A game in the auto transport business. Thanks for taking such great care of my favorite cars. If the situation arises I will not hesitate to use these guys again.

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920 days ago

Worst move ever!

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959 days ago

I can see my desk!! Our family-owned construction company was generating a tremendous amount of paperwork and files monthly, bids, receipts invoices, customer info, etc. My little office just wasn't big enough for yet another file cabinet, so I began using RCI in November 2010.

What a great service! The prompt, courteous courier allows me to send older records to storage anytime, and I have immediate access to them using the digital imaging feature. I just utilized the document destruction service for stacks of outdated and unnecessary files, they were picked up and destroyed the same day, and I had the option of watching on my computer - neat!

I don't dread tax preparation this year, thanks to RCI! I would recommend this stellar company to any business large or small, for all record management.

Betty Kennedy
Kennedy and Sons Construction

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964 days ago

I was concerned that the home inspector would ignore my questions or comments. He was incredibly open to our questions and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. This was incredibly reassuring for a first-time home buyer. The materials that accompanied the inspection report were helpful in planning our projects for our new home. I would recommend Wright Inspections to anyone.

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966 days ago

As an investor, I have used Wright Inspections three times and the service is great! Scheduling is prompt and the detail in the reports is incredible. I know exactly what i am getting when I buy a home.

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966 days ago

Awesome service! Spoke with Jonathan after I was forced to cancel my scheduled move from a well-known moving company when they didn't show up!

When I called Alliance it was already mid afternoon and I expressed that I needed movers ASAP. Jonathan was extremely professional, took my number and said he would try to get movers for me that afternoon.

After five minutes, he called back and confirmed movers would be to me in about an hour.

Movers showed up (on schedule) and did a good, fast job.

After dealing with the other, well-known, extremely unprofessional company it was such a pleasure having Alliance perform in such a professional and quick manner.

I would highly recommend.

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1041 days ago

So this is on here. I needed a place to stay while working at Chase. I had wanted the one next door where I used to be. It was not at all great. I thought it could be ok at first. It is not a good atmosphere as Phoenix is getting to be rundown in that neighborhood. At first I noticed the glass door falling out I was lucky to catch. The stove did not work. The janitor would pretend to fix it and write that he did. The faucets leaked and the ceiling. Now I have found out they tried to charge me for cleaning the apt after not charging me a dep so it was on my credit. They were acting like hoods before and now I am mad. It even gets worse. The kids were acting up and making noise all over and then acting as if I did something when I said something and calling the police. It would be nice if the Phoenix police would have realized they are all not nice but that wasn't happening. Anyone that complains on the other apt boards it seems someone tells them they can't spell and all. That won't help them. It did have roaches and I was tired of it.

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1057 days ago

Midnight movers promised a 28-foot truck, wardrobe boxes and full service, instead they arrived in a 24-ft truck with no wardrobe boxes. Our clothes and couch cushions arrived dirty and they didn't reassemble half of our furniture.

They showed up 1 and 1/2 hours late and although we were promised everything would go we had to rent a U-Haul to move what they didn't move.

They took 2 days to get back to me when I left a msg to complain, their "solution" was to pay $600 extra to move the rest.

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