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780 days ago

I enrolled my daughter in a 6 mo program and went back to put her in the leadership class a month later and was told I had to sign for the additional $50 automatic payment to be withdrew. I agreed to this and was told recently that Mr Talamantez actually had a 36 month contract some how attached to this and never told me. As we continued we noticed the same hi pressure tactics being put on us and others and we were required to pay $50+ for equipment almost weekly with $70+ for belt ceremonies. This was draining us financially. It started to add up and we started to see customers being locked out, yelled at and them yelling back over dues and contract details. We reailzed that had to take my daughter out....she wasnt enjoying it and this wasn't the karate experience that we wanted for my child. She wasn't learning anything and the hi pressure sales tactics were horrible. This place is a big rip off. This is the biggest regret financially that i have ever done. When we decided to leave which was over the original 6 mo contract timeframe we were then told that we had this 36 month contract from when I signed up for that auto pay. For the first time in my life I am going to have something on my credit. I can't believe someone would do this to a family and be able to sleep at night. . I saw them at my childrens school handing out fliers I just pray this doesn't happen to anyone else, but according to the blogs everywhere it looks like its been happenning for years. I am going to contact the BBB too. I know its already done to me, but let's help others not have to go through this.

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835 days ago

Community building, confidence building and a great workout for kids and adults. Self Discipline, courtesey, self control, perseverence, respect, safety and a whole lot of FUN! All of the things you don't get elsewhere and in addition to all that, a very healthy respect for the 'Arts' in Martial Arts.
Getting my family involved here has turned out to be the best decision we've made as a family. If you're thinking about it, DO IT, you will thank yourself later (and your kids and family will thank you too).

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839 days ago

My son and I love this Karate center. Yes, all the teachers are of the highest quality, but the things that set them apart from other centers are that they teach character development really well ("courtesy and respect," "common sense before self-defense") and they also include all ages, abilities and disabilities. I feel comfortable learning Karate with my young son here. This Dojo is a welcoming and inclusive place; it teaches real values along with perfect practice.

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842 days ago

I would like to know how many customers of Mr. Talamantez are still paying without receiving lessons or still receiving inferior lessons because of his contract that cost parents on average of $200 - $400/month locked for 3 years? Not including belts and graduating cost that multiplies if you have a family taking lessons. Which was not disclosed at time of signing.

I wouldn't mind paying for karate lessons for my kids, but when they become less interested and want to do other things after they have already given a reasonable try (2 years) I would think this karate school would understand and agree to terminate the existing contract. Not necessarily when you are Talamantez Karate who is legally collecting what essentially is free money ($400) from you and not providing you with a clean environment (dirty mats – my feet is coated with black dirt after every class) and does not have to refund your money even if their service is inferior to other martial art schools.

If you are a parent considering an activities for your kids to learn discipline and a healthy way to improve their confidence and self-esteem, there are many business that would provide your kids this and not have you sign a costly contract in order for them to provide this service. My kids are now taking piano lessons and soccer and none of these reputable business have demanded or have swindle me in signing a contract that equates to a new car payment.

I would question the integrity and validity of this business. This is my lesson learned as a naïve parent that I should have question why this ‘nice guy’ would want me to sign a contract for my children to take karate? Legal contracts don’t usually cross my mind when it comes to kid activities. That is my mistake and life lesson to not repeat again.

I don’t recommend this business or any business that provides activities for your children that sells you a service that will cost you a 3 year contract equating to thousands of dollars. The fine print was written well by his lawyers and should be a cause of concern for existing parents customers and future parents interested in signing up for Talamantez family karate lessons.

I am disappointed with this business and will file a complaint with the BBB with shallow hopes that this business will practice what it preaches and terminate this contract in good faith. But reading the complaints in this and other forums I won't hold my breath.

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950 days ago


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1080 days ago

this is one of the greatest schools in san antonio. talamantez has been here for a very long time and i can assure that being part of this school that it shows not only karate it shows life skills. and i am a proud customer and family my family is also involved in talamantez karate and we do it as a family and it brings us closer than ever.

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1102 days ago

I'm sorry that our academy did not accommodate your expectations. I like for people to be happy and efficient in learning and retaining these techniques the proper way. Next time please approach the individual who is providing a service to you so they can mitigate an appropriate solution before exiting and leaving a public negative. We are a very large academy with many students, but we have many assistance Instructors with the proper criteria for teaching. If you would like, reveal yourself, and I can recommend a smaller yet more intimate school to accommodate your needs and requirements. Much time and effort are directed towards customer satisfaction to both students and parents. Once again, customer satisfaction can only be met through communication and cooperation. By the way, I am unfamiliar with the kick you call the hurricane kick. We do however, have a tornado kick which is taught at a an advanced level. I hope you find the right school to meet your expectations.

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1104 days ago

I recently just removed my child from DCMA. Its as bad as the reviews say. My first class that I watched my child in was less than impressive. The first thing I noticed was the higher belts had lousy form. They could hardly do the kicks properly.

Second issue, why are the students, who cant perform moves properly themselves, teaching the lower belts? I had big issues with this. On top of that, they showed the kids one time, and then they all line up and wait to try. There was no teaching of technique at all. The poor white belts were just going through the motions and had no idea if they were doing it properly. He teaches the class as a whole. Why arent the white belts and lower belts seperated to be taught basic techniques instead of throwing them in with blue, red, and black belts to perform the same moves? Dont you have to learn how to walk before you can run? Shouldnt you learn a basic kick before doing roundhouse hurricane kicks? Not so at DCMA.

I found it hilarious when Dan walked around and marked all the belts of the students for testing. Half of the white belts still dont have the slightest clue about what they are doing. I rarely ever see Dan teach. All he really does is walk around the parents, stay in his office, and only comes out to talk to the kids at the end of the class. Even at that, he talks so low that I couldnt hear him a few feet away from the stands and there is no way the poor kids in the back could hear him either.

Dan seems like a nice person and the instructors were nice but I sent my child to learn martial arts. I dont want my child to progress strictly for positive reinforcement. I want my child to progress because he deserves it and earned it. A yellow, brown, blue, red, and even black belt is simply a colored piece of fabric. Without the skills, it means nothing.

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1129 days ago

Elite Karate is the TOP MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL in San Antonio. Raymond Hsu is a phenomenal teacher, equally adept at teaching kids, teens or adults. He is the real-deal. No watered -down, Americanized Taekwondo here. He teaches Olympic-style Taekwondo, which prepares his students for competitions and tournaments everywhere. He has awesome fun summer camps and has started a new after-school program that is very popular! Bobby Healy is his co-teacher and he is a creative, talented teacher. Best prices in town, too! A great mixture of discipline and fun for all.

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1169 days ago

My child was enrolled in DCMA through one of the YMCA programs. I noticed that they learned a couple of new moves and then had a rank test. It didn't matter whether or not any child was able to perform the move correctly. I then spoke to the Master Mom and asked, "How often do they do rank tests?" She told me every 4 to 5 weeks! So regardless of skill or mastery of a move, as long as you pay the $25 fee, your child is promoted. No certificate or anything else - just handed a belt. I also noticed that only after two weeks of joining the program, they insisted we buy the $180 DCMA defense gear saying that they would need it when they spar for competitions! REALLY! I would be ashamed to take my child to a competition based on what they are "not learning" in the class. I disenrolled my son and asked for a refund of the $25 for the belt my son did not receive. Needless to say I have been completely ignored! I don't doubt others have had good experiences here, but I would strongly caution parents who are looking for an Academy that has legitimate practices all around. I have heard several great things about the Martial Arts academy on the corner of Grissom and Bandera. I had a gut feeling to go with them from the beginning, but since we were a part of the YMCA, I thought surely it would be a good program. NEVER ASSUME!

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